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Need Macaroon Help

My son who's coming home from college for the holidays loves macaroons. In the past he's loved the macaroons at Jin and La Provence. My friend told me that he read a best of article that raved about a Japanese Restaurant place that served the "best" macaroons in the Los Angeles on its dessert menu. Unfortunately he doesn't remember the reviewer or the restaurant. Does anyone know where this macaroon genius bakes?

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  1. I can't help with your specific quest, but Paulettes in little tokyo - in the mall on alameda has great macaroons. i had some about 2 weeks ago. they were fresh and moist.

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      I found Paulettes macarons to be average at best - and considering the premium price and snooty people behind the counter, it's not worth the effort. La Provence makes a good macaron.

    2. I'm assuming you are talking about macaron??? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macaron

      I think La Provence makes the best you can find in LA but you may want to check out the new Bouchon Bakery in the Montage Hotel to see if they are making them. Tavern (across from La Provence) is pretty good. Paulettes is way below La Provence.

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        Interesting - I found La Provence vastly inferior to Paulette's.
        Bouchon's large scale Macarons are excellent.


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          FYI, fdb: the terminology has generated a lot of confusion _lately_ (not least among the food-literate!) Wikipedia's [overlapping but inconsistent] entries on macaron/macaroon, as on many complex food subjects, have sometimes increased the confusion, unfortunately.

          The big recent CH thread on this subject includes various perspectives from le monde francophone:


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            On the La Provnence website they spell macaroons with two o's.

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              I agree. I like La Provence, but I also have not tried Bouchon's. The Caramel fleur de sel is amazing.

            2. Frances Bakery?
              Patisserie Chantilly?

              Patisserie Chantilly
              2383 Lomita Blvd., #104, Lomita, CA 90717

              1. I like the ones at Bottega Louie. I'm not sure if they make them there aor get them from somewhere else, but they are always fresh. I had Paulette's in Beverly Hills and they were a bit stale.

                Bottega Louie
                700 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90017

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                  i had the opposite experience! bottega louie's were stale when i got them, but paulettes (the one in the alameda mall in little tokyo) were very fresh - much better than the paulettes in beverly hills, i thought.

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                    I have to agree that Bottega Louie's are somewhat stale. I found Paulette's in BH to be average at best. Bouchon's large macarons are great though! I haven't tried some of the other recs but I haven't found anything on the level of Parisian macarons (Pierre Herme, Laduree) or even ones I tried in NY (Madeline's, etc.).

                    Bottega Louie
                    700 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90017

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                      Agreed, unfortunately nothing comes close to Pierre Herme or Laduree

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                          laduree are my favorite. i dream of them.

                2. thanks for everyones macaron imput. happy holidays

                  1. Paulette is definitely the best, and those who think a place like Jin is better obviously doesn't know what constitutes a good macaron.

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                      Every time I have had Paulette's they've been imminently forgettable. The ones I make at home are far better than hers.

                      Unfortunately there isn't anywhere in LA that has great ones, but the usual suspects have been listed in this thread.

                    2. ... how about CANTERS Bakery ...

                      1. Sounds like Frances Bakery in Little Tokyo. They specialize in macrons, especially the green tea flavor.

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                          thanks kobe. i'll try Frances bakery. it might be the place, but my friend said that the article about the best macaron in los angeles was about a chef at a japanese restaurant who made the macarons for his dessert menu. this isn't as wild as it sounds. my son who i'm searching for, developed his love for macarons when he was doing a college gap year in japan. he told me that the japanese love macarons.

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                            In that case, it sounds like Sashi in Manhattan Beach. Kei Hasegawa is the pastry chef who is known for his desserts, especially his macrons. I would definitely check this place out first. They are delicious.



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                              it sounds like you solved the mystery. I am going to take my son to Sashi when he gets home. Kobe have a terrific holiday season.

                              451 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266