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Dec 15, 2010 10:24 AM

Planning Side Trip to Loire Valley This Spring/Summer

OK...Fiance and I are going to visit family in Paris and stay at his home in South of France this Spring/Summer (still deciding on dates). His plan is to make a side trip to the Loire Valley while we travel from Paris to SOF -- i would like to actually contribute one iota of knowledge to him while he is making the plans. I feel that since I've been there with him quite a few times, perhaps it is time for me to suggest something!!
Sooo..I'm enlisting the help of those on this board..
Does anyone know of a great or couple of great restaurants in the LV? Preferably in a great chateau? Anyone? Someone? See vooo play?

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  1. Chateau de Rochecotte, near Langeais. And/or, in Chenonceaux, Le Bon Laboreur, just across from the chateau.

    1. Montrichard, a small town about 10km from Chenonceaux.

      It is on the bank of the river Cher. when darkness falls they show movies in the town square and

      on Saturdays in the park a live band play the afternoon away and you can foxtrot your heart out.

      you can hire a pedalo or if you dare, swim off the sandy beach.

      A good 'Routier' is The Hotel De La Gare (at the railway station would you believe)

      Have a morning coffee at 'La Civette' and observe France profonde.

      It is lovely.

      1. If you head a bit East of where the action (i.e. the châteaux) is, don't miss the Sancerrois, its wines, Chavignol goat cheeses and restaurant Le Chat in Cosne-sur-Loire.