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Dec 15, 2010 10:14 AM

cooking a picnic shoulder like a boston butt?

I found a great deal on a picnic shoulder and thinking that it was the same thing as a butt I bought it wanting to try the cooks illustrated recipe for butt. Its essentially dry Beijing it overnight in salt and brown sugar then coooking it for 8 hours. Can I still proceeded with the picnic as I would with a butt? Will it cook similarly? Thanks!

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  1. Yes it will cook very similar to the Boston Butt.
    Picnic shoulder is usually cut from the fore leg lower than the butt and is suitable for the same cooking methods.
    It is often cured and smoked used like ham, but cheaper thus the "picnic" name.

    1. The picnic shoulder is the lower portion below the Butt, or Boston Butt. Depending on how you wish to serve the pork, you need to roast to a minimal internal temperature of 170* for it to be safe and slice able. If you want it to be fall off the bone tender, you need to reach 190*......but 200* is better. At this temperature point, you can pull the bone right out of the picnic shoulder.

      My preferred method is to slow roast 11-12 hours @ 225*......or as long as it takes..