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Dec 15, 2010 09:33 AM

A nice place to have a gathering for my 31st birthday in Baltimore

I need a place in baltimore that will allow a large party last minute (this weekend) for a birthday dinner.

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  1. How many? What price point? Any particular area or type of food?

    1. Geez, this is a pre-holiday weekend,and many restaurants are booked, especially those of large parties.

      You may want to check out Alizee or B&O Brasserie. Both restaurants are searching for business. Despite the fact that they are quite good restaurants. You may want to attempt to visit Mezze and/or Meli's in Fells Point.

      I wish you luck in your endeavors to book a restaurant for a large party so close to the Holiday season. I am sure that the other Chowhounds will provide some recommendations to accommodate your request.

      You may also consider Tabrizi's. It is a lovely restaurant located on the Inner Harbor. The view is beautiful and the food is quite delicious. Mr. Tabrizi is quite accommodating in preparing special menus. There is also the added attraction of a pianist playing soft jazz music. What a way to have a pianist play "Happy Birthday." FoiGras

      1606 Thames St., Baltimore, MD 21231

      500 Harborview Drive, Baltimore, MD 21230