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Dec 15, 2010 08:02 AM

Need Indian take out appetizers for dinner party-Toronto

I need to find some great Indian appetizers for a dinner party. I'm hoping to be able to pick them up from Little India or some place close by (west Scarborough could work too), I live off the Danforth. I'm looking for really tasty and authentic since my guests love good food. Any and all recommendations are welcome since I don't want to disappoint.

Little India
255 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V1Z4, CA

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  1. Sultan of Samosa on O'Connor.

    1. If you are looking for samosas, the previously mentioned SoS is good but Simba Grill also makes great samosas which are bigger and just as good, they just don't have the same variety.

      Simba Grill
      375 Donlands Ave, Toronto, ON M4J3S2, CA

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        Thanks but I was looking for more than just samosas. Does anyone know of a place that does good pakoras, etc. too?

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          Those are quite easy to make, so I started making my own. Try Mahar on Gerrard if you want to buy some.

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            Mahar used to be a cafeteria style place but now its buffet so I dunno , but the OP should try calling them and Im sure they could cater to your needs.

      2. Get a mx of kebab's from Lahor Tikka House (seekh, chicken, lamb, paneer, mutton etc)
        You can slice them smaller, and serve them on toothpicks (a mint leaf will really jazz up the taste)

        Brar Sweets in Brampton does a good selection of pakoras and will deliver IIRC.

        Samosa's can be a heavy bite and it's often not possible to eat more than one so we don't tend to serve them as appetizers, preferring them to be snacks for tea time.

        Most if not ALL, indian restaurants will do a large order if you ask, so if you know a particular app from a restaurant you can always ask them to make a large batch for you.

        Brar Sweets & Restaurant
        199 Advance Blvd, Brampton, OH L6T4N2, CA

        1. you can also try some frozen appetizers in the indian grocery stores on gerrard, they're not bad, deep makes good mini cocktail samosas that you can bake in the oven.

          1. More out-of-the-ordinary snacks:

            -Dhokla (any Indian sweets shop will have it)
            -Vada (South Indian places, try Babu in Scarborough or the gerrard strip)
            -Idli's (again south indian...must get smabar and coconut chutney with this)

            For liquid appetizers try:

            -Rasam (peppery drink made of lentils...found in south indian places)
            -Lassi (Yogurt+water+ suagr for sweet varieties or cumin, cardamom for savoury ones...should make a thick consistency)
            -Kesari Milk (this is a hot drink of milk, sugar, nuts, saffron and cardamom)

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              I've bought frozen appetizers from BJ Supermarket on gerrard and they've been great. The deep brand samosas someone mentioned are surprisingly good (i serve them with a tamarind chutney), and they are sort of one-bite samosas that are perfect as cocktails. they have other frozen appetizers as well.

              if you're looking for something fresh, udupi palace across the street from BJ's has a large appetizer menu, including samosas, pakoras, and south indian specialities. they also do catering, so i'm sure they're comfortable with large orders.