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Dec 15, 2010 08:02 AM

Ice cream truck?

I'm looking for an ice cream truck to provide the dessert (either Good Humor, soft serve, or a variety of ice creams) for an outdoor event in May in Amherst. Does anyone know of any ice cream shops that have a mobile catering unit, or trucks that will cater? I had hoped that Herrell's might still have their Magic Ice Cream Bus, but it doesn't appear that it's still operating. Thanks!

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  1. Are the Good Humor trucks still around???

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    1. re: mucho gordo

      Long gone. Good Humor operated from James St. in New Haven, I did the Fairfield route as a college summer job in 1972, as a 19 year old dues paying teamster. A grueling 12 hour day with Sunday off. And I gave away way too much free stuff.

      1. re: Veggo

        Veggo, you and Mucho have been gone from Connecticut much too long. Good Humour trucks still ply the streets in my Trumbull neighborhood. See the link for Ron Ice Cream who operates a 1967 Good Humour Truck in Fairfiled County.

        1. re: bagelman01

          That is a riot, and exactly the solution to the OP's query!
          EDIT: and I gave most of my free stuff to LW

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            You're right, bm, it'll be 50 yrs in Feb. Foodwise, I wouldn't recognize the place anymore. Aside from Italian and a few other European cuisines I don't recall there being any other ethnic foods available. When did Chinese and Mexican come to NH? I never had either until I came to CA.

      2. Herrells Ice Cream, in the valley, has a traveling bus--if your party is a big one might be a good choice. Great local ice cream.

        1. Hi,
          Barts still does own a small serving truck. I believe they still cater. I am sorry we at Herrell's no longer have the Magic Bus, but the franchisee passed away. It was very sad and Noel is very much missed.
          If you wish catering or perhaps simply buying tubs of ice cream from us for an event, that is possible. Good luck! Judy Herrell

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          1. re: judyudes

            Whether or not things can be pulled together with Herrells without the truck, you have to be impressed with a business where the owner comes here to answer a question directly and even is collegial enough to put in a recommendation for the competition.

          2. Highly recommend Ron's, as previous poster suggested.

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            1. re: foodwtr

              My reply to Veggo and Mucho (former Hamdenites) wasn't a recommendation for Ron's merely to show that Good Humour trucks still exist. Ron's won't do the OP any good as OP wants an ice cream truck in Amherst--more than a two hour drive each way for Ron's

            2. YES!!! Contact Jim Malin at SubZero Icecream, I believe he's out of Norwalk, but it doesn't matter. If he is free, he is awesome & sweet, he will do what-ever he can to make you happy, & he is reasonable with ALL your old fashioned treats! (and he is the nicest guy in the world).

              Look for his website on line at Subzeroicecream. You will find him! Good Luck.

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              1. re: temilove

                SubZero won't do the OP any good as OP wants an ice cream truck in Amherst--more than a two hour drive each way

                1. re: bagelman01

                  Yes, I think he will. Give him a call!