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Dec 15, 2010 07:52 AM

Curlycakes in Beacon Hill

I walked by and saw this place was (finally) open yesterday... am I the only one who is over the whole $4 cupcake thing? (for that matter, the whole Todd English thing?)

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  1. I was over the cupcake thing before it started. What space is it in? Just wondering what had closed up in that same space.

    1. My $ says that he opens a burger place next. Then a gastropub.

      1. During the Beacon Hill Stroll last week, the line for Curlycakes was out the door and down the block. Apparently $4 Red Velvet cupcakes are still popular.

        1. No you aren't . I am happy with $2.50 cupcakes and ok with $3.50 for a "special" flavor, but $3.95-$4.50? It's just a cupcake.