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West Indian Food in St. John's Nl

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Anyone know where I can find good Trini/Guyanese food in St. John's? I am craving a good shrimp roti and if I was really lucky a few trini doubles. Or perhaps even somewhere that sells dalpuri and I can attempt to make my own. I definitely don't want to try to make the dalpuri roti myself!!

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  1. I'm afraid you're quite out of luck finding Trini/Guyanese food in St. John's. Try Magic Wok possibly on Duckworth Street for roti ingredients.

    1. With the disclaimer that this is a cuisine that I know nothing about, have you tried the Toya International Market on Longs Hill/Lemarchant Road?

      1. I haven't tried it but I have heard this place mostly features African foods and I am afraid it would not resemble the real west indian deal that I am craving so bad. I have tried East Indian roti before and it didn't match up for me.

        1. ever found roti in st. john's? i want to buy about 100 or so because its just so hard to find!!!

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            I wish!! What I wouldn't do for a good roti right now!! Wish I knew someone here who could whip up a few for me!

          2. I have yet to find anyone who makes/sells doubles in Halifax. I did however, find a vietnamese grocer who sells shadon beni, which totally made my day.

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            1. If you have the ingredients, you can make your own. Roti is fairly easy to make - flour, baking power, butter, salt, and water. You should know the rest. I had a Dalpui the other day in the US and it was soooo good. With the shrimp, I would make it simple, if you can get a good blend of Indian curry powder............ not the cheap regular kind you can find everywhere. OR you can make your own by getting a cheap coffee grinder to grind spices. This way you can custom blend the spices.

              I'm not sure, but there are online stores where you can buy spices, powders, etc. OR the next time you visit a "Little India or a Little Guyana" community, do what I do, pack a few bags of all the ingredients you want and then some more. I hope this helps.