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Dec 15, 2010 07:36 AM

In Arlington Texas a few days looking for an Ethiopian Restaurant/Grocer...

dont mind driving for this.
DFW area preffered, there is no as in none nada Ethiopian restaurantsin Miami (someone should consider opening one up ...hint hint).. we have been craving fresh injera, doro wat kitfo man my mouth is watering just thinking about that wonderful berbera gravy drooling on my keyboard...anyway, yeah would drive a pretty good distance for restaurant and if anybody knows where i can find a ethiopian grocer i would appreciate.

a while back there was a "queen of sheba", not sure if it still exists or if there is better/CLOSER to Arlington.
thank you in advance...

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  1. not closer to arlington but there are far better Ethiopian restaurants than Queen of Sheeba. My favorite is Lalibela which is on Forest east a few blocks of 75. I also like Kereje on Greenville though my Ethiopian friend tells me he has found a new "best" Ethiopian restaurant in Dallas. I always see the same Ethiopian Grocery Store when I get tacos at one of my favorite spots (El Rey de Tacos) on Park by Abrams. Just West of Top Golf. Might want to check that out too.

    I hear ya on craving Ethiopian, I used to live in DC where every other restaurant is Ethiopian. I'm happy to be in Dallas where I still have at least a few decent options.

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      yep, i used to live out here and had several ethiopian friends (they too moved to DC).
      i got spoiled in there home.
      i can make some of the dishes but its not the same.
      Miami opened up a restaurant that was EXCELLENT, but it lasted less than a year.
      back in town for a few days and i must have a fix and take back ingredients.
      if your el ray de tacos serves menudo, i might be able to take care of two must haves while im here... i really appreciate the info. still sounds far but it might be worth the drive if nothing comes up here in Arlington...thanks again.