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Wings in a slow cooker, need help with logistics

It is time once again for the annual holiday office potluck. I was thinking of doing wings in a slow cooker, however my first thought is rubbery skin. I have seen many slow cooker wing recipes and reviews and none mention the skin issue. I find rubbery chicken skin revolting.

I have a couple thoughts on how to attack this problem:

1. Throw raw skinless wings in the slow cooker with my sauce of choice. Cook.

2. Broil or grill skin-on wings until crisp and cooked through the night before. The morning of the potluck, combine crisped wings, sauce, then put in slow cooker until heated through. I know the skin won't be crispy anymore but will this method prevent them from becoming completely rubbery?

If anyone can think of a different approach please let me know! I should say our office kitchen is bare; I have a freezer/fridge, microwave, and a small toaster oven that works when it feels like it, hence my reliance on the slow cooker.

If anyone is a successful wing slow cooker, I would welcome your recipes, cooking time, and slow cooker setting (low, med., high), etc.

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  1. Is there any reason you want to make wings? To be honest, this sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Personally, if you want to make chicken using a slow cooker, I'd use chicken thighs

    1. If you do 1. they will disintegrate in a slow cooker.

      If you do 2. the skin will soften and get rubbery.

      I can't imagine cooking chicken wings in a slow cooker. They are absolutely not going to benefit from low and slow cooking.

      1. Good points. I was thinking a reheat in a slow cooker may work out. Basically I am trying to think of something, anything, that is a main dish, hot, and different than the usual things we get subjected to year after year (pulled pork, meatballs, etc.).

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          Italian sausage with peppers and onions?

          Homemade soup with nice bread or crackers is always welcome.

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            Chinese red-braised pork shoulder. Pork shoulder, soy sauce, five spice powder, garlic, ginger, scallions, honey. You could dump in some dried black mushrooms too.

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              Never...NEVER reheat anything in a slow cooker!

            2. i will agree to saying that wings in the slow cooker just aren't going to work out well.
              how about a wing-dip?
              i understand you are trying to do this as a main dish.
              maybe you could take a basic slow cooker buffalo dip (i use boneless chicken breast, hot sauce, celery, cream cheese, blue cheese or ranch and some cheddar - i never said it was healthy) or substitute a sauce of your choice. normally would just use tortilla scoops and veggies for it but maybe to make it a bit more main dish like you could use lettuce or tortillas as wraps for it?

              or hey, do chicken pot pie in the slow cooker!

              1. I agree that the slow cooker wings won't be appetizing. Chili is an option, or you could do tacos. Make the filling and reheat in the slow cooker, serve with tortillas and toppings.

                Chicken or pork adobo could work. There are slow cooker recipes out there, but you could just prepare it normally and reheat in the crock pot for serving.

                1. Well, Stephanie O'dea (crockpot lady) seems to have done them successfully in slow cooker ... you just need to bake them first...FWIW, here's her take on wings...AND she loves the wing dip too:


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                    Thanks for the link, Val. I know I have seen *many* slow cooker wing recipes out there but I am unsure of the texture of the skin when all is said and done. Perhaps I will do a trial batch this weekend and see how it goes.

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                      mels, how did your slow cooker wings turn out?


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                        FWIW, I've tried variations of slow cooker wings and have never liked them. First, they produce a lot of liquid that doesn't evaporate. I tried to solve that by folding a kitchen towel below the lid which worked some what but not nearly as good as the dry heat of the oven. There isn't as much flavor in the wings and then you get the rubbery chicken skin. I'm trying to say this w/out being mean but that crockpot365 has some questionable recipes, imo (and you know I'm a slow cooker fan!). But, it got her a book contract and a lot of followers.

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                          Thank you, chowser, for that feedback. I've been looking at various chicken wing slow cooker recipes on Allrecipes and inevitably, people seem to start or finish them in the oven or broiler, sometimes both, so I was kind of curious if anyone on chowhound had any success with them. I might skip this recipe...


                  2. I just made the sticky wings from this thread:


                    they were really really good. the recipe calls for cooking them on low for 4 hours, and then broiling them to finish. they were some of the best wings we've had in a long time. and no rubbery skin!