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Dec 15, 2010 06:24 AM

Night before Christmas Eve dinner

I am from Maryland coming up to Passaic County for the holiday. I am having dinner with my 2 nieces (one 16 years old and one 20) and need dinner recommendations. They live in the Wayne area but I'm willing to travel up to 30 minutes from there for good food (though Hoboken is probably out of the question). One of the girls is a vegetarian so recommendations for a restaurant that would appease a 16 year old but also have very good vegetarian dishes would be appreciated. Price points probably around $15-$20 entrees would be fine. Nothing too stuffy either, I'm trying to look like a cool aunt.

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  1. If the vegetarian eats fish, you might consider the Montville Inn. The Dinner menu is beyond your price point, but the tavern menu is right there and has a wide range of options. It's a pretty cool place with good vibe.

    Montville Inn
    167 Main Rd, Montville, NJ 07045

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    1. re: bropaul

      Montville Inn serves great food... But, just so ya know vegetarians don't eat fish lol.

      Fish is not a vegetable. ;)

      Most "vegetarians" are Ovo-lacto (they consume eggs and will partake in other dairy products [milk, butter, cheese, etc] while abstaining from animal flesh - this includes poultry and FISH) Vegans, will have nothing to do with any food derived from a living being (including honey, which is harvested by bees). A food fun fact for ya.

      zettle, I hope you enjoyed spending time with your neices over the holiday. You are a cool aunt, just for caring enough to go out of your way to find a special place to take them. :)

      Montville Inn
      167 Main Rd, Montville, NJ 07045

        1. re: MommyLovesVeggies

          There's no reason for the LOL. Vegetarian is a somewhat generic term among the general public, depeneding on who's using it - some use it strictly, some more loosely to mean simply a non- meat eater. Thats why I prefaced my reply with 'if'."

          1. re: bropaul

            Gotta back you up - my best friend calls herself a vegetarian, but still eats seafood. Beats telling people she's a pescatarian, which some people seem to think might be an offshoot of the Lutherans.

            1. re: Heatherb

              sounds LOL-able to me.

              hope you found a nice place, zettle!