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Dec 15, 2010 05:52 AM

Pretty weak burger at Five Guys Dedham

Just have to comment on this, because I was really disappointed. I was in the mood for a nice fast-food style burger last night and Flat Patties was very out of my way, so I popped into the Dedham Five Guys for a bite. I've had decent experiences there in the past with burgers that were good and fatty, though I find their beef fairly bland. This time, however, the single patty (which I prefer to the doubles) was absolutely dessicated. Not a drop of fat or moisture left in the thing. I always enjoy the classic architecture of the Five Guys burger, but with such a small, dry patty this one was really pretty bad. I've never loved Five Guys, and after this I'm pretty unlikely to seek out eating there again. That said, the fries were excellent, as usual.

Flat Patties
81 Mount Auburn St, Cambridge, MA 02138

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  1. Sorry to hear it.

    For what it's worth, I'm a big Five Guys fan myself and, like you, I also prefer a single patty. I used to seek them out when traveling on business in DC. Since they started appearing around these parts, I've managed to eat at the Marlboro location a few times, then Patriot place probably a dozen, and more recently the Natick location probably another dozen times. And in all of those visits I have never had an experience like the one you describe.

    I'm not sure how much the quality varies by location, but I think the franchisor has pretty strict standards and uses secret shoppers and other methods to insure so much. I couldn't imagine that there's something about the Dedham location that is worse than all of the others I've frequented.

    I have to imagine, however, that despite the generally high standards, it's impossible to turn out an exceptional product every single time. Given my generally high success rate, if you're a fan of the fast food style burgers, I'd encourage you to give it another shot.

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      I will say that I do sometimes observe the employee manning the griddle pushing the patties down as hard as possible which, of course, sucks all of the juices and life out of the already small patties. I'd also like to see them go to 3 sizes on the fries. I almost never complain about too much food but the small order of fries is about 75% too much for one person and I end up throwing a ton of them away. Their current small should be a medium and they should do a size half of the size of the small for 75 cents less or so.

    2. Ive been to the Dedham store maybe three times and every time the burger was exceptionally greasy. Too much so for my taste.

      I did learn to order a single patty, though.

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      1. I have always enjoyed their burgers for what it is however, that said, I get mine "loaded" so I can't really taste much of the burger anyway with all the toppings. Maybe if I got a burger plain or with just ketchup or minimal toppings I might feel differently about it. On the other hand, not a fast food burger but close by, The Halfway Cafe serves an excellent burger and fresh cut fries and they also make awesome fresh onion rings!

        1. Then complain. If I have a bad experience I tell them, whomever they are. The management is usually grateful to find out that someone is screwing up because the last thing they want is to lose customers because they have a cook who can't cook.