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Dec 15, 2010 04:57 AM

Make ahead desserts

So I have about 20 South American folks coming over on Sunday for lunch. I wanted to make a couple of desserts but the only time I have to make them is on Thursday. Any good ideas for make ahead desserts? They don't necessarily have to be traditional recipes.

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  1. How about something frozen, like a sorbet or ice cream? Though I guess it's Winter where you are now... hmmm.

    The only thing I can come up with is not quite prep-on-Thursday-serve-on-Sunday, but it could be somewhat do-able ahead depending on your schedule. It's crock pot creme de menthe brownies -

    Otherwise, I'm stumped. I think the time between Thursday and Sunday is the challenge...

    1. You could make a cake or cakes and wrap them and refrigerate until Sunday then assemble and frost. You could make chocolate truffles. They hold fine even at room temperature. or put them in plastic containers in the fridge.

      Like Ursey says... brownies hold up fine for a few days. I would wrap and refrigerate those, too.

      1. Cheesecake, make ahead lasts for days.

        1. I've made Pot de Cremes that held up pretty well after a few days in the fridge. Just cover with plastic wrap and add a dollop of whip cream right before serving.

          1. I make a "cake" that is actually graham crackers layered with a filling (vanilla pudding, fruit, marscapone thinned with espresso, anything you like really) and frosted with heavy whipped cream. sounds too simple but mostly I get compliments on how it's not too sweet and folks who aren't crazy about cake love this one. I usually use bananas, vanilla pudding, and chocolate pudding for my family. For guests, I use fancier fillings...
            Best part is you MUST make it at least 5 hours ahead, more is better!