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Dec 15, 2010 04:20 AM

Sousvide supreme demi-great deal FYI

Hi all,
Bed Bath and Beyond just started carrying the demi size of the sousvide supreme. Its Internet only right now...but if you go into a store and order it from there you can use your 20% coupon. It's listed at $299 which would bring it to $239. AND right now they are offering free shipping.

just though I would throw it out there in case anyone was looking for a good deal.

(ps-in case not everyone knows...the BBB coupons never expire. Even if they have an expiration date on them the store will ALWAYS accept them. Just used one last night to buy the vacuum had an "expiration date" of 9/30/2009)

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I've been entertaining getting a demi.

    Regarding the expired coupons, they are still accepted, but it isn't as universal as it once was when Linens 'n Things was still competing. About a half year ago a salesperson told me directly that they weren't going to be accepting expired coupons anymore after I presented one that had expired. Another time I had a coupon that was one day past expiration and they made a point of noting that it was 'expired' but close enough. I think a lot of employees are old timers and just accept them without looking at the expiration date, but some store policies might be different or changing. I almost bet that no store would refuse them during the holidays though.

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      It's more a customer service issue. They have a master code so if I was you, if they didn't take my coupon, especially on a $200+ purchase, I'd ask for the manager, and make sure she sees she just lost a sale.

    2. has a bundle with Demi, sealer, pouches, and cookbook for $320 including shipping through Nov. 3.