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Dec 15, 2010 03:03 AM

Great Italian deli in Novi

I found a small gem of an Italian deli in Novi, the kind of deli that's found on every other corner in New York and its suburbs. It's Giuseppi's Deli and Bakery at 44999 W. Pontiac Trail in Novi. They have fresh baked bread and rolls, wonderful cold cuts, and Italian food stuffs. But to me their best product is their home made stuffed pizza. One slice and a salad makes a complete meal.

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  1. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    One of the things I miss about living in Chicago is Bacino's stuff pizza. Giuseppi's is different
    than Bacino's, but it is excellent in its own right.

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    1. re: rainsux

      I now know where lunch is tomorrow!

        1. re: JanPrimus

          Skip the chili. Not bad chili. (Psst ... it had beans!)

      1. When do they open? Can anyone compare it to Nino's just up the road in Walled Lake?

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        1. re: Fibber McGee

          I *think* the door said 9AM - 10PM; or maybe it was 10AM to 9PM. Shorter hours on Sunday.

        2. Stopped in today and got a Grilled Panino Sandwich and had them add some Roasted Red Pepper. YUM!

          Being a glutton I also ordered a Spinach and Ricotta Calzone...One Note and incomplete. If it had some garlic or parm on the crust I might be singing a different song.

          So far I am hitting .500 but I am betting that if I stick with Sandwiches I am going to be great. I almost just ordered Bread, Cheese and meat to take back to my office to make my own. I probably will do this in the future but I was conducting a phone system/internet change over today and the natives demanded I get back soon.

          I also sent over a vegetarian friend and he was very happy with the veggie sandwich he got. He said tomorrow he will be getting the veggie lasagna. I am thinking of trying another of the sandwiches.

          This place IS going on my normal lunch rotation. Although the Calzone was a let down for me...I am not going to hold it against them. It was a happy experience.

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          1. re: JanPrimus

            Interesting! Is this sort of like a Ventimiglia (Sterling Heights) or Alcamo's (Dearborn)? Or is it less deli/grocery-focused, and more pizzeria-focused?

            1. re: jjspw

              Alcamo's is better....I have not been to Ventimiglia's myself.

              This place is almost half the size of Alcamo's and not as intensely Italian. The Charcuterie has splatters of Polish bacons, hams and Sausage (not a bad thing at all), the Italian meats are Americanized and there are a ton of cheeses by Michigan's own Williams. The meats and cheeses are not as varied as Alcamo's...but then I even consider Alcamo's to not be too Italian in the Charcuterie and Cheese side. Also put into perspective that I am training hardcore with Charcuterie and am aware of many things that the Average Culinary explorer will not know.

              I would not make special trips here....but I would have no problem making it a regular lunch stop.

              1. re: jjspw

                Much more a deli/grocery than than pizzeria. I chatted briefly with the guy behind the
                counter. He seem interested in his customers. First time? Live in the neighborhood?
                Chowhound? What's that?

                I *almost* ordered a square of the lasagna; but was glad I asked if it included
                italian sausage or ground beef ... and was informed it was a cheese-only recipe.

                The italian sausage w/roasted veggies called to me. I asked if it is his own grind; not.
                He mentioned a name that escapes me. I'll give it a try ... but Vinnie's in-house grind will
                be tough to beat.

                They had two soups; chili & lentil. I'm always hunting for great chili ... this was
                merely good. I like my chili a bit thicker and with a teeny bit more kick. Modern is still
                my go-to place for soups; sadly, their winter lunch sched is only Fri/Sat/Sun.

                Cantaro's Mkt is owned by his cousin's ...

                1. re: rainsux

                  Thanks, JP and rainsux. Doesn't sound like it's worth a special trip. I'm a lot closer, geographically, to Ventimiglia, which is smaller than Alcamo's, but has everything I ever need from an Italian deli/market. JP, you should check out the charcuterie at Ventimiglia -- I don't know my right hand from my left when it comes to charcuterie, so I'd be curious what you think of their meats.

                  1. re: jjspw

                    Sometime after New Years I might get enough time for the special trip. I always will make special trips for Charcuterie....

                  2. re: rainsux

                    I checked them out this past weekend. Not a special trip for me as I stay in Walled Lake. I very much noticed the attention to the customers, a definite plus. And they carry Towne Club. I picked up some groceries and some of their stuffed pizza. Not bad at all. Better variety thaan what is offered at Nino's just up the hill on 14 Mile.

              2. Can't go wrong here - Cosa Nostra Sammich on hard crusted roll - ask for olive salad on yours. YUMMMM!