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Dec 14, 2010 11:12 PM

Local cuisine in Hong Kong; recommendations needed

My husband and I decided to go to Hong Kong for the weekend; our first time to visit anything but the airport. I'd like to find a nice but not too expensive place for dinner on a Saturday night, with a preference for local Chinese cuisine (we'll do Dim Sum at lunch, though).

Adventurous is okay (as per my username)- the only thing I prefer to avoid is endangered species - and I'm very familiar with the Chinese habit of considering pretty much every part of the animal edible. English is not required - I don't speak a word of Cantonese, but I can read some Chinese, and I''m pretty good with menus.

Looking on I found places like Kam Shan and Tai Woo. Are these good options?


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  1. Where are you staying - that might help some of us recommend some dining choices for you as your question's a bit broad, also considering that there are already a few threads similar to yours, asking for Hk dining choices.
    Off-hand, if it's a 1st time visit, Yung Kee, Fu Sing or Tim's Kitchen as possible choices come to mind.

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    1. Kam Shan is very good. Fresh fish is their specialty. I also enjoyed sop ga (steam chicken served cold) with ginger and oil sauce. A reminder; bring napkins. Local restaurants do not supply them. My first visit to HK was a month ago.

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        The not supplying napkins thing is not totally true. Plenty of sit down restaurants supply cloth napkins. Tea cafe's not so much.