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Dec 14, 2010 10:53 PM

Tam O'Shanter on Christmas Eve

Has anyone ever eaten here on Christmas Eve? Do you know if they serve the regular menu (online)? If so, can anyone recommend something? I'm not a prime rib fan.


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  1. I don't eat very often at the Tam O'Shanter, but according to their website you have to call their number to find out what's available for Christmas eve dining. Seems they don't use their normal menu on the eve.
    I've eaten there just before Christmas in the past (years ago), but they used to have professional carolers mingle in the restaurant and do Christmas carols. I did like their "Toad in Hole," but it's a lot to eat.

    1. We usually go on x-mas eve for a drink and a sandwich at the bar. They indeed have carolers roaming around. Not sure about the dining room menu. Best to call.

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        I really hope I can have a sandwich at the bar...but I fear I'm in for a heavy meal with my ENTIRE family. My escape plan is to pinch the babies until they cry and beat a hasty retreat.

      2. Not sure what they will have on the holiday menu, but their turkey is good, as is their short ribs if they have them.

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          Excellent. Thanks Lisa. I'll report back - leaving out the family trauma and drama.

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            For a traditional restaurant they are pretty darn flexible. You can just have side dishes. Or salads. You can have fish and chips. They bake a lovely piece of salmon. And I'll agree with Lisa - their turkey dinner is great! Plus they have an excellent bar and wine list, so you can be partially sedated during the family drama : )

            Good luck!