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Dec 14, 2010 07:24 PM

Do you use the proper tool to cook with?

The WSJ recently reported that some chefs are banning certain utensils in their kitchens -- namely, the tong.

Money quote from the article:

"But, according to [Chef] Malouf, the ease of handling a pair of tongs for gripping ingredients leads to a slew of bad techniques that can bruise and rip apart your food.

Mr. Malouf isn’t alone. In a New Yorker article, David Chang of the Momofuku group of restaurants in New York flies into a rage at a young chef, who was among other things, “cooking with tongs, which was bad technique, it ripped the food apart, it was how you cooked at T.G.I. Friday’s—he should have been using a spoon or a spatula,” the story says. The passage stirred up a controversy among some cooking fanatics."

Quoted from the WSJ: "Tongs in the Kitchen? No Way" (read it here:


I personally don't use tongs, as a my preferred weapon of choice is a pair of oversized chopsticks. But I can't really see how tongs could be so harmful. Sure, a large fork to stab at that steak on the grill might be a "no-no" ... but tongs?

Do you ban certain utensils or tools in your kitchen for fear of ruining your food?

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  1. I don't believe it....these chefs will say anything to get their name in the paper or other media outlets.....

    btw....I never knew any chef that did not use his they ban them too....And you can tear food with any utensil at any given time.

    1. How are you going to "rip or bruise" a steak, chicken, hot dogs, pork chops, etc... using tongs?
      When I think about it the tongs are the most used cooking tool in my kitchen.

      (They don't "cook" at TGIF)

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      1. re: monku

        The only problem I see with tongs is with breaded food. Tongs will tear the breading. Anything else I can think of? No problem.

      2. You won't be turning too many steaks in a 1800 degree infrared broiler with a pair of chopsticks before they burn up.

        1. unless you're a pro and can do the same tasks with something more umm thoughtful, I see nothing wrong with tongs if one is gentle.

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          1. re: hill food

            just use gloves. then no need for tongs. ;-)

          2. how silly - tongs are awesome.