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Dec 14, 2010 05:21 PM


Anyone no anything about it?

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  1. I hear that Kenny Kaechele (sp) is the Exec (former from Tango) but otherwise, not much. They have a facebook page that drops menu teasers in my feed every once and awhile....

    1. This is another from Vitold Twardowski (sp?) formerly of Mescalero, Divino, Cilantro, Ranche, etc fame. He has always been great on concepts, and then brings in the follow-up team for food and execution. Let's see how this one works...

      1. New years eve should be first big day.

        1. Calgary Herald business section had a little article about Sociale. Sounds like it could be fairly interesting, including latin music/dancing on Thursday nights. I loved that they saved the giant mirror from Mescalaro (I used to love that place!) to re-use in Sociale. But I'm not keen on the idea that they have only bar stools, and no chairs. I hate that idea.

          Anyone reviews anyone?

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            Well...it’s a going to be a bar not a restaurant from what I can see. Or maybe closer to a supper club? They’re doing bottle service which always befuddles me ya know? We’re in Calgary not South Beach. Like I’m going to pay $300 for a bottle of Grey Goose! It will only attract the wrong cr....hold on....damn! The alarm in my Bentley is going off. BRB.

            1. re: derfster


              From the website:

              "Occupying the beautifully restored,[sic] century old Lougheed Building.[sic] Sociale sits at the epicenter of corporate Calgary."

              It's obvious they are trolling for the corporate accounts, and the hangers on.

              But don't despair, "House Filtered Sparkling or Still Water Unlimited Refills $2"

              Take that bottle service!