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Dec 14, 2010 04:54 PM

Ontario Spring Water Sake Company - coming to Distillery District Spring 2011

I was in the Distillery District on the weekend for the Christmas market (pretty interesting event btw) and I saw a sign for "Ontario Spring Water Sake Company" with a phone number (416-365-SAKE) and an "Opening Spring 2011" on the top... I googled it just now and saw a posting on the Bar Towel as well as a link from there to Sweet's Escapes "tweet" of the sign that I saw:

Anyone have any details on what this is? From what I recall the space used to be a gallery. It is in the same laneway as the grocery store..

The Bartowel site has a google translated "employment" ad:

OH, wait, I just noticed the poster's name is a regular here on Chow.... Ha, I didn't see it posted up on here before. Greg did you end up finding out any other details on this?

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  1. Did you try calling the number in the ad? I bet you could find out whatever you want by calling it.

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    1. re: foodyDudey

      Well, I guess I could have done that but of course it is easier to post on here ;) I more posted this as a "heads up" as it does seem like something very unique!

    2. greg clow runs bartowel if i'm not mistaken.

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      1. re: pinstripeprincess

        Actually, Cass Enright runs Bar Towel - I just help out with news and some forum admin stuff.

        As for the sake place, I haven't done any more investigation beyond what I did for the Bar Towel post.

      2. This is truly exciting, especially the fact that they are placing their help wanted ads in Japanese. I can't wait. I wonder if this will be a restaurant/brewpub thing, or just a brewing facility?

        1. Interesting. Can't wait to try some of their brews.

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            1. re: tjr

              Yeah, I am really interested to see who the Toji is and perhaps where they're getting their spring water/rice and how they're going to go about milling it. I hear decent things about Koji from SakeOne in Oregon so maybe that's a viable option if they're not getting it from Japan. (If you can get it from Japan) Or maybe they're making their own.

              Wouldn't it be great to go down to the distillery and get a nice Namazake free of bottle shock? I'm really excited about this place and I want for them to succeed in producing great Sake. I hope it all works out for them.

              1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

                That would be great; I am cautiously optimistic!

          1. I'm holding out for local shochu. Keeping expectations low. What troubles me is the deplorable location--sketchy neighbors, high rents, iffy access won't enhance their post-honeymoon survival.

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            1. re: Kagemusha

              What's wrong with the Distillery? It's no less accessible by streetcar or foot than Ossington or all those other areas in the west end that are getting all the restaurant and bar love love lately. It can hardly be described as sketchy and the surrounding area is continuing to develop rapidly. The Mill Street brewpub is there and it seems to be booming, if the difficulty I have getting a seat at many unexpected days and times is any indication. And even though sake is brewed not distilled, I also think it makes for a nice closed historical loop to have an alcoholic beverage being created there again.

              1. re: Gary

                Well, I'm thinking that first off (and not speaking for Kagemusha) Sake is a tough sell in Toronto to begin with as most people are largely unfamiliar with anything other than the Sake we get at the LCBO which I wouldn't even use to cook with.

                It's accessibility largely depends on where you live in relation to it but I know for a fact that the shops in the Distillery rely on weekend business and tourists which drops drastically during the winter.

                There are other things that concern me about the location as well such as its proximity to the Gardiner Expressway. There are problems that could arise from having your brewery right next to an abundant source of exhaust fumes every day. Although there are ways to guard against harmful bacteria in the air.