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please identify this fish!

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I'm trying to find out the English name for this fish. Apologies if this is very obvious--I don't know much about fish, and my parents only know the Chinese name.


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    1. re: fourunder

      No, I think it has already Croaked. <<grin>>

    2. looks like a trout to me, but I'm no fishmonger.

      1. What is the Chinese name of the fish?

          1. That's Billy, he swam away from home 2 weeks ago. sob.

            1. It does not look like a trout to me but does look like a croaker. The scientific name is Micropogonias undulatus but there could be more than one species. It could help to look it up on google by croaker or by the scientific name to see if it looks like it to you.

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                Thank you all for your help.

                GMM--the Chinese name is pronounced "joong"--(sorry, but I don't read or write Chinese).