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Dec 14, 2010 03:45 PM

The New Crepes Island Manchester NH

Thanks to the Hippo Press, I learned last week that Crepes Island has a new owner and a new pan Asian bent. I wouldn’t have gone out of my way for the previous menu, but the spicy, salty, sweet, sour, soft crunchy thing is definitely in my wheelhouse. So, my wife and I met there for a quick lunch a few days ago. Crepes are available savory or sweet, and the savory crepes can be prepared soft or crispy. We ordered a fish cake appetizer and two Bangkok Delight crepes, one crispy and one soft. The fish cakes’ good flavor but just out of the microwave texture left us a little nonplussed. The crepes were an unequivocal success, though. They're stuffed with corn, cheese, Thai chili paste, spicy mayo, and that dried pork floss stuff that I can't imagine how to use when I see it in an Asian market. Spicy, sweet, funky and interesting. The crispy version is the better choice, and the girl who prepared the crepes mentioned that in Thailand, they are cooked very crispy, folded into triangles, and eaten with the hands. This seems like a superior idea, because the bottom of our crepes started to get a touch soggy as they sat on their Styrofoam serving trays. I’ll see if she can give me the traditional preparation on the next go round. They’ve also got lots of dessert crepes, bubble tea, and a rotating specials menu that features some promising stuff. I’m glad they’re in Manchester. Give ’em a try.

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  1. nice! thanks for the photos.. can't wait to try em out!

    1. thanks for the reco. Loved the Bangkok delight crepe..
      Funny thing though.. i don't remember crepes on the menu in BKK.. but who cares.. they were awesome..
      I could go back every week.. even if its just for the bubble tea.
      I want to try their nodle soups next time.

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        I hope they do well.

        What is the Bangkok delight crepe? Is it filled with curry?

        I think the crepe they make is the Japanese version (they use rice flour and a bit firmer). Japanese style creperies thrive on the west coast. There was a crepe shop that sold bubble tea located in the Fox Run Mall food court in Newington (it's now an Indian take-away). The crepe bubble tea place didn't last long, but I think Manchester location may have a better chance.

      2. Sad to say this latest incarnation of Crepes Island has closed. In its place is a new dessert cafe called Planet Marshmallow opened by two nice young ladies. They have totally refurbished the place and, along with their homemade signature marshmallows, they offer espresso drinks, pastries, s'mores at the table, chocolate fondue, etc. I think they have limited hours, so check their website before you go: