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Dec 14, 2010 03:14 PM

Looking for Inexpensive Couples Cooking Classes in the GTA.

I've been looking around for a few months now after my boyfriend brought up the idea of us going to a couples cooking class since we cook together often,but want to try it in a different atmosphere. From what I've found they go around $150-$400/couple which is kind of ridiculous.

I'm looking for something less than $150 but is still an enjoyable and fun couples cooking class.

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  1. I think this will be a challenge if you want a hands on class. I can't think of a single school that has hands on classes for less thank $75 pp most are double that.

    1. Toronto Parks and Recreation offers cooking classes from $25 per person. They're not just for couples, but they are hands-on. I've haven't taken any cooking classes through the Parks and Rec, so I can't comment on the quality.

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        That is something I never would have thought of!!! I know that the LCBO has demo classes as well but I haven't seen anything hands-on!

        Outside of the cooking school box for sure! Well done Sillyburns.

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            Local Loblaws branches also have cooking classes in house

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              I've done one with a group of girls and it was terrible and a waste of time if you have any cooking skill at all.

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            TDSB offers some cooking classes through their continuing ed department (here's a link to their program PDF: ), but they're ongoing courses rather than one-off classes. Still, you can get 9 weeks of classes for $180pp, rather than one class, if you're interested in doing this a little more long term.