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Dec 14, 2010 03:09 PM

Mince Pies for Christmas

Can you recommend a bakery in Los Angeles where I can purchase a mince pie during the Christmas/New Year's holiday season. Or, if there are no bakeries, perhaps a restaurant that would sell a whole mincemeat pie? I live in Hollywood, but would go to the West Side if necessary. Thanks.

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  1. Marie Callenders has them for the holidays

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    1. re: jackattack

      Probably should have clarified if you're asking for Mince (apples, raisins, spices).....or if you're looking for the real deal , "Mincemeat", which actually has meat as an ingredient.

      1. re: jackattack

        That's true if you're the same kind of reflexive pedant that I am. However, the Larger Culture has forgotten that there was ever any meat involved, and has grown up saying (and writing, and printing on labels) "mincemeat" when they're referring to the fruit-only compound. "Borden's Nonesuch Mincemeat" might have once had some suet in it, but that's all. My grandma used to add a good bit of chopped beef to that, and a splash of brandy …

    2. I'm pretty sure Du-Par's would have them. They've had gooseberry, for Pete's sake! so they oughta have mincemeat.

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      1. re: Will Owen

        They do, and are taking orders now.

      2. Our favorite for the real thing is Tudor House in Santa Monica - GREAT pastry and filling. Pick up some sausage rolls too - authentic (better to call in the order first). You won't be disappointed.

        Tudor House
        1403 2nd St, Santa Monica, CA 90401

        1. Try Ye Olde King's Head in Santa Monica, maybe the best place for all things British. I love their lamb. Also call Pie and Burger in Pasadena.

          Ye Olde King's Head
          116 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

          1. Viktor Benes in Pacific Palisades usually does a really good pie, but they are telling me that not enough people order then.