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Dec 14, 2010 01:49 PM

What to see...where to eat...must try only 1 week time in each city..?

We will be spending our 2 year anniversary in Asia (Taiwan, Shanghai and Tokyo), we are both foodies and also in the food business, would like to check out any great must see and or must eats in Asia- if you come across any great finds or little secrets that you like to share, we are all ears... thanks for the advance insight and happy travels and good eats.
**(I do plan to visit 佳家汤包 as I hear they have better dumplings than DTF?)**

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  1. In Taipei, I recommend the Five-Dime Driftwood Restaurant as a must-see. I cannot recommend it as a must-eat place, although it does get very high reviews. We enjoyed our meal, but we definitely enjoyed the place more.

    Another must-see are the department store basements in Tokyo around Shinjuku Station. There is quite an incredible assortment of food available and in some cases, you can watch them cook it.

    I found that I preferred the food at the smaller lesser-known places in both Taiwan and Tokyo than in the fancy and/or well-known establishments. Definitely check out a night market in Taiwan.

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      thank you for the feedback will check it out.