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Dec 14, 2010 01:46 PM

Oasis Date Gardens, Thermal, Ca.

Took a drive to Oasis Date Gardens in Thermal,Ca. to sample a date shake and see the surrounding agricultural area on a beautiful Sunday. Nice place, actually adjacent to date groves. The date shake was about $4 and 2" above the rim of the cup, made with date puree and soft serve ice cream then blended. Taste was mild in date flavor, and the soft serve did no favors compared to rich regular ice cream. All date shakes are good, as this one was, but there are better examples available. Though we did not try one, we observed folks eating sandwiches freshly made there and they looked very promising. They have a very nice grass park area next to the shop to consume sammies and shakes, in amongst palm trees and plenty of picnic tables. A very desirable place to take a day trip from the Palm Springs/Desert area, about an 45 min. drive(not on the freeway, enjoy the scenery!). They also sell the normal curios and souveneirs, and of course dates! They have free samples of about 10 varieties of dates, and those are all sold in various quantities. We bought an 11lb. box of recent harvest Medjools($34) for xmas gifts. They also have some date butters, cookies, bread etc. Great way to spend a couple of hours when visiting the Coachella Valley.

Oasis Date Gardens website:

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  1. Medjools (if they are moist, fat and plump) sell for a way lot more per pound in our local farmer's market. You got a good deal - love them stuffed with chopped walnuts and rolled in powder sugar - it is not Christmas without them. Thanks for the tip, plus will you also tell us where the good date shakes are out this way? Thanks.

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      All date varieties were available for about the same price, $4.99lb. bulk, $34 for 10-11lb. case. As for date shakes, there are none that are truly memorable. The one I had at Shield's last year I remember as being better than this most recent one at Oasis. Date shakes made at home are easy(vanilla ice cream+dates) and you can up the date flavor to your own sweetness tolerance. I know some have touted shakes in Palm Springs proper, but we rarely go there from Palm Desert. I have an infatuation with Date Gardens and Date Groves and Dates in general, and look for the whole experience rather than just a shake. BTW, Hadleys ain't all that either.