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Dec 14, 2010 01:10 PM

Christmas Crackers for Xmas meal?


My SO is British, and Xmas crackers are a critical component of the traditional feast. Yes, it's not a food item technically, but it is so integral to the festivities (well, in the UK at least), that hopefully it's OK for this board.

Last year I was able to get them from the Waltham Costco, but alas, not this year. Yes, we could go to the British Shop on Rt 1, but that's a trek for us (we're in Brookline). Any suggestions for a closer source? TIA.

  1. Apologies for the double posting.

    1. Here's an odd suggestion, but worth a phone call: try Pier One Imports. I feel like I've seen them there in years past. Also iParty down on Soldier's field road, and perhaps China Fair.

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      1. I found some at Home Goods. I purchased them at the Home Goods/TJ Maxx store in Somerville. Maybe other locations have them. There is a TJ Maxx/ Home Goods on Comm Ave past BU near the Herb Chambers Honda dealer. That would be close to you.

        1. Hi, folks - this was a duplicate post that the mods have not yet removed. There's another, longer thread here:

          It would probably be better to post your suggestions there. Thanks!

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