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hi fellow hounders,

I'm curious to have your feedback in narrowing down the best bread establishments across town.
I'm already familiar with Patisserie de Nancy, Gascogne, P. Moisson so here's hoping to put a spot light on a few other city gems. thanks for any feedback.

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  1. I used to consider Le Passe-Partout but James Maguire closed shop a while back (you can still find him around and can always hire him to bake the odd batch for you).

    Le Fromentier should probably go on your list. Le Pain dans les voiles (Mont-Saint-Hilaire) too, if you're willing to make the trek.

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      Le pain dans les voiles is pretty good. Some stores sell it for them, notably in St-Lambert at Crimes et Gourmandises.

    2. In the Plateau try M. Pinchaud on DuBreboeuf or Le Fromentier on Laurier Est or Kouing Amman on Mt Royal Est. All three are great Kouing Ammans Croissants are the best in town all breads are very competent.Try em you'll love em !

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        merci. will def. get over on the weekend.

      2. I love the bread from Arhoma, especially the olive fougasse - it is extraordinarily delicious!

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        1. Here's my list, which is almost the same as my list in the croissants thread :

          - Boulangerie Guillaume : Best baguette and fougasses (try the fleur de sel/herbes de provence one) in town. By far. Haven't tasted the other breads yet but everything looks delicious.
          - Mamie Clafoutis
          - Le Fromentier
          - De Froment et de Sève : Almost everything except the baguette.
          - Arhoma

          The best was at Olive & Gourmando but they stop making it a few years ago. You can still sample some in the morning or with their sandwich... but not to take out.

          1. great feedback hounders! thanks a mill. i just popped in to de Gascogne for a whole grain loaf. I would recommend a pass for whole grain lovers wanting a dark, dense, grainy bread. - much too light and fluffy IMO. Bon App!

            1. I find Le Fromentier (the Mont Royal est location) pretty average and usually only go when cause it's the closest to my place.

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                If you consider Le Fromentier only "pretty average", whose bread to you consider to be the best? Fromentier is on my top 3 list.

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                  I say "pretty average" but should say inconsistent since I buy almost exclusively baguettes from them (good price $1.90) and find them hit and miss which shouldn't be the case... or maybe it's just my mood for the day.
                  I don't really have 'top list' and will not walk more than 5 minutes for a baguette. I do like Les Copains (outer limits of a 5 minute walk). Whomever supplies Hamel cheese shops, I like those but also hit and miss. Don't do Premiere Moisson... too far, but in general I find them over-rated and over-priced. I'd like to try the new place near Les Copains.
                  Maybe I'll go out now and get a baguette from Le Fromentier... maybe I was giving them a bum deal.

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                    I don't really like the baguette at Fromentier too... at least not anymore... they're getting really inconsistent like you said. Anyway, you can see just by looking at them when they're undercooked / not good. They other breads are always good though.

                    1. re: Glaff

                      There's a reason for undercooked baguettes. They keep longer. A good, well cooked baguette will only stay fresh a few hours, but an undercooked baguette will stay fresh all day and even until the next morning. Bakeries undercook their baguettes on purpose because that's what the consumer wants.

                      The best thing to do with an undercooked baguette is to stick it in a very hot oven for a few minutes to finish the cooking.

                      The other factor that affects the quality of baguettes is humidity. Baguettes are always better on a dry day.

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                        Well... that's not what people want at Boulangerie Guillaume (and Mamie Clafoutis too). And they sells a lot ! They're always properly cooked and crispy. And you can still put a baguette like this in the oven for a few minutes the next morning and it will be good.

                        And if I remember correctly, they were not like this a few years ago at Fromentier... I don't remember having a white, soft and chewy baguette like the one I had last week...

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                          never heard or didn't know this... seems a bit weird to me that a bread meant to be eaten the same day would be prepared so it can be eaten the next day and thus never reaching its full potential of goodness... cause if that's what people are looking for then just by those spongy thingies at Metro.

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                            It always shock people at Première Moisson (and other places) when I ask if they have over-baked or "burned" baguettes in the back store.

                      2. re: RhondaB

                        okay.... my last 2 baguettes from Le Fromentier were excellent... the 1 prior to that was off... felt like it was yesterday's bread...

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                        As you appear to live on near Mont Royal Est try the bread at the 3M bakery (opposite the Aubainerie). It's probably a tiny bit out of your usual walking distance but you'll find it so worth while. Their croissants and almond croissants are really top notch, I even consider them the best in the neighborhood.

                        1. re: english muffin

                          And the Bichon is one quite amazing viennoiserie !

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                            yep... tis the one that I wanted to check... will do, thanks

                        2. Pâtisserie de Gaulle has great bread - try the intégral w/sesame or sunflower seeds.
                          St. Viateur at Jeanne-Mance.

                          1. I heart spicy food too, though it doesn't always heart me back.
                            But it's nice to cut the spice with some bread from Le Fournil on Victoria in Westmount. ;)

                            1. Patisserie St-Martin in Laval, 2 locations: Duvernay & Vimont.

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                                Big fan of Clafoutis, tried a Campagne at Le Fournil once and was not impressed at all. Overpriced too.

                                1. re: ios94

                                  good point--what do people consider a fair price for a well-made loaf of bread? I actually don't go to Le Fournil that much 'cuz it's $5.

                              2. made two quick stops this aft (1st timer) at Arhoma and Guillaume. Both are outstanding but my preference fell on Guillaume's baguette *tradition* & their one-of-a-kind choco/hazelnut/almond croissant. Tough crusty exteriors, succulent interiors and each bite made me want to take 5 more to go. Standing ovation to the fine folks at Guilaume's for these MTL offerings!

                                1. Anyone have any details on Maestro Traiteur, on St- Viateur corner of Saint-Urbain? Almond pastries were looking good when I passed by this aft. Rustic interior, exposed brick, woody bar.

                                  1. Since this thread got bumped, I would just like to add that I've seen a noticeable improvement from the Première Moisson at Marché Maisonneuve. They've been putting out some really above average bread. A baguette I bought around Christmas was quite outstanding and most other breads I've gotten there were better than before.

                                    I wonder if this is a chain-wide improvement or if it's specific to my local outlet.

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                                      Funny you should mention that because I noticed the same thing at the JTM location, after discovering bread at Clafoutis this past year PM seemed like supermarket bread. Have bought some baguette and campagne though in the last few weeks from PM and noticed a nice improvement.

                                      1. re: SnackHappy

                                        The improvement was apparently short-lived. Recent purchases of Première Moisson bread have been rather disappointing. "Supermarket quality" would be a good qualifier.

                                        I don't know if it's due to growing pains, cost cutting or some other reason, but the taste and texture of the bread I've been buying has been quite mediocre.