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Dec 14, 2010 12:19 PM


hi fellow hounders,

I'm curious to have your feedback in narrowing down the best bread establishments across town.
I'm already familiar with Patisserie de Nancy, Gascogne, P. Moisson so here's hoping to put a spot light on a few other city gems. thanks for any feedback.

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  1. I used to consider Le Passe-Partout but James Maguire closed shop a while back (you can still find him around and can always hire him to bake the odd batch for you).

    Le Fromentier should probably go on your list. Le Pain dans les voiles (Mont-Saint-Hilaire) too, if you're willing to make the trek.

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    1. re: wattacetti

      Le pain dans les voiles is pretty good. Some stores sell it for them, notably in St-Lambert at Crimes et Gourmandises.

    2. In the Plateau try M. Pinchaud on DuBreboeuf or Le Fromentier on Laurier Est or Kouing Amman on Mt Royal Est. All three are great Kouing Ammans Croissants are the best in town all breads are very competent.Try em you'll love em !

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        merci. will def. get over on the weekend.

      2. I love the bread from Arhoma, especially the olive fougasse - it is extraordinarily delicious!

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        1. Here's my list, which is almost the same as my list in the croissants thread :

          - Boulangerie Guillaume : Best baguette and fougasses (try the fleur de sel/herbes de provence one) in town. By far. Haven't tasted the other breads yet but everything looks delicious.
          - Mamie Clafoutis
          - Le Fromentier
          - De Froment et de Sève : Almost everything except the baguette.
          - Arhoma

          The best was at Olive & Gourmando but they stop making it a few years ago. You can still sample some in the morning or with their sandwich... but not to take out.

          1. great feedback hounders! thanks a mill. i just popped in to de Gascogne for a whole grain loaf. I would recommend a pass for whole grain lovers wanting a dark, dense, grainy bread. - much too light and fluffy IMO. Bon App!