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Dec 14, 2010 11:20 AM

Cercle du Officier


I have a chance to stay at the French Military Officers' Club for a week, next year. I recall that their Elite restaurant was excellent, and their café was great value. My memory is from 20 years ago. We will be doing Art museums, are seniors, and will not be carousing in the evening.
What is the Cercle's reputation? What are good luncheon choices for the Art mu7seums?



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  1. My sister stayed there a few years ago and wasn't enamoured by the restaurant but it is a second hand report so maybe less than accurate, I always thought it was a magnificent looking place and well located. I fondly remember eating in the French Officers Club in Berlin back in the late '70's and the standards then were great, I can't imagine the French military letting them drop....after all the chefs still parade on Bastille Day.

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      Thanks. Anyone else, perhaps who has first-hand experience?
      Also, thoughts on lunch at/near Louvre, Orsay, Rodin, Picasso, Pompidou?

    2. What is the "Cercle du Officier"? Never heard of it.
      In proper French it should be "cercle de l'officier" but I only know of "Cercle national des armées - Maison de l'officier" at Saint-Augustin.

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          I was there for a wedding. Sorriest I don't remember the meal. I don't remember it being memorably bad either.
          Since it is a private club, it is by definition not a destination restaurant, and for that reason unfortunately you probably won't be able to find reviews.