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Western Fairfield County CT - Anyone Home; Where are the posters


It has been a very slow time for posts on Western FFD CTY.

Who is still around from G'wich to Fairfield?

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  1. I'm still here but there are very few posts related to our area, most about burgers (no offense), so not much for me to chime in on!

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      i like to eat burgers more than talk about them. I agree though. been a tad boring of late.
      lots of new stuff going on in New Canaan. New Italian going in on Main Street along with a butcher shop. Story is on http://newcanaan.patch.com/articles/e...

    2. J,
      Guess there all getting set to move to Hartford with the new Gov, or to Washinton w/ Blumenthal and are making inquiries on those boards.........................

      Not much new or exciting upcounty either. 4th quarter doesn't seem to have brought new restaurants, and wilth the holiday menus and decorations that don't appeal to non-celebrants such as myself, we've cut back on dining out until January. Also avoiding the increased number of drunks on the road that occurs each December.

      1. O.K. here is a post. There is a Winter Farmers Market (indoors) every Saturday from now through April (except for Christmas and New Years) at the Norfield Grange in Weston, 1 Goodhill Road. Get fresh Maine lobsters, Barkhamstead pork, fruits, veggies, honey, roses that actually smell like roses, and more.

        Read about it here:


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          thanks TU. looks like some good vendors

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            Wow! Thanks for the tip. This sounds like it's worth checking out - 'cept I'll have to wait a couple of weeks! :-)

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              BTW, I made a typo, the address is 12 Goodhill Road. I went the other day and it was worth the trip.

          2. Still here, mostly lurking. There is just nothing to get excited about in the area. I seem to always wind up going to Manhattan!

            1. I'm here, but tired of talking /reading about burgers and pizza.

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              1. A quickie...

                I did recently have a very good meal with excellent service at Old Post Tavern (formerly Bravo) in Fairfield, just haven't had time to do a detailed post

                other recents:
                Colony (sorry, pizza) has become 1 of DH's fave's

                Tried Red Robin(sorry, burgers!) upon request of DH... it was no Black Duck, but relatively harmless

                Pantanal in Bpt for good churrascaria (I like Terra's buffet better, but I HATE that getting the rodizio beef rare is often not an option)

                Black Duck Cafe
                605 Riverside Ave, Westport, CT 06880

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                  If you get there right at opening, you usually can get the beef rare (for the first helping). Last visit I asked the server to let me know when they were putting a new skewer on the fire, and then to bring me a few slices five minutes later. They were acoomodating.

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                    I moved to NYC. Haven't missed Fairfield County's dining scene in the least. Pizza, burgers and a lot of overpriced mediocre food. I feel like I died and went to heaven.

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                    There's a Pantanal in Bridgeport? I wonder if it's the same as the place with the same name that used to be in Port Chester, that eventually got booted in place of a more expensive churrascarria. I liked pantanal...it wasn't the best, but it was good for the price.

                    Pantanal Restaurant
                    215 Frank St, Bridgeport, CT

                  3. I'm in Northwestern FFD CTY - Danbury metro area. Saw a new "Japanese/Korean" restaurant on Padanaram Road (across the street and up a bit from the big A&P plaza). Name is Edo II. No website yet or any other info. May give it a try next week. I'll report back if/when I do.

                    Also, I have a birthday coming up - anybody have any great suggestions? Manhattan is out, although we've been looking at places in Westchester/Rockland (X20/Xavier's mostly), but I'd love a great place closer to home. Maybe something in Ridgefield? (We've already done the Inn at Newtown for a previous birthday... meh.) What about maybe Hopkins Inn or The Boulders up in New Preston? Any opinions one way or the other?

                    666 Main Ave Fl 1, Norwalk, CT 06851

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                        Ooooh... that looks great! Thanks for the tip. Any particular standout dishes? I see several things my guy would love (he's a big beef and lamb eater)! I am also looking at Adrienne in New Milford - they have scallops and shrimp dishes on the menu that look amazing. Decisions, decisions!!

                        1. re: saturngrrl

                          Bernards is great and has two personalities. Downstairs is very staid, white glove. Upstairs is a wine bar. With Brendan's closing Bernards is now the best in Ridgefield.

                          If white glove is not what you are looking for, let us know as there are some other places that are a little less subdued.

                          And Happy pre-birthday

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                            Jfood have you been to Stonehenge recently? I haven't been in about six years. Just wondering if it is still nice. I always liked it.

                              1. re: TrishUntrapped

                                We had our wedding at Stonehenge in 2004 and have been back a few times since then. The service, the food and setting are impeccable..I agree it is not a place for kids..the options are either a real kiddie menu or the three selections...nothing for teenagers...Our guests raved about the food: particularly the rack of lamb option at a wedding...the salad came with a chunk of bleu cheese that was out of this world...our guests are still talking about it....We went back another time and I had lobster out of the shell wrapped in fettucine..I consider Stonehenge classy but not trendy...

                                1. re: LAC06488

                                  Thanks for the update. I always liked Stonehenge and celebrated several lovely anniversary dinners there.

                              2. re: jfood

                                Thanks! We ended up finally trying Adrienne in Litchfield after driving by it a billion times and saying, "Hey! We should try that place sometime!" It was fantastic. Delicious, decadent food (filet en croute with spinach, portobello and St. Andre cheese! WOW.), charming, helpful service and a delightful, witty chef who came out a couple of times to say hello and wish me a happy birthday! :-)

                                She wrote Happy Birthday in chocolate on my dessert plate and the waitress said, "We don't do candles or sing, because I'm Equity!" LMAO!!

                                And Trish - We actually went to Stonehenge for my birthday about three or four years ago. I liked the room, the food and the service, but vehemently disliked some of the other patrons. There was a very large family with several screechy little kids, one of whom used his utensils to drum away on the table nonstop, and none of the adults did or said anything to correct/control them. It really ruined the entire experience. :-( IMHO, that is NOT the kind of restaurant for small children. Why don't people believe in babysitters anymore? But I digress. It's not really the fault of the restaurant. It's just my own personal pet peeve about dining out. I'll shut up now...

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                                  saturngrrl - i'll just say for me, personally, it's VERY hard to find a babysitter in ffld cty...teenagers don't want to babysit around here. maybe their parents are too wealthy?? and i wasn't about to hire a 12 year old (the only age that WOULD babysit) when my kids were young. lots of adults willing to babysit, but if i have to pay someone $12-$15 per hour, i can't really afford to ALSO pay for a meal at stonehenge, et al... so we spent a lot of years NOT going out to places like stonehenge because (unlike the family you experienced) we knew that our kids couldn't behave appropriately at that type of place.

                                  that said, the hungry kids are old enough now to sit through a nicer meal...just in time to not want to be seen in public with us!

                                  Thanks for the feedback on Adrienne's...will be heading to litchfield in a few weeks for work - maybe will make a point of staying for dinner!

                                  1. re: hungrykids

                                    Totally appreciate your perspective on the babysitter issue. But even more, I appreciate parents like you who DON'T take their kids out to nice places until they are able to behave appropriately. Sure, I understand that there are times when kids melt down and that some kids are more prone to meltdowns more often -- and that sometimes the meltdowns just can't be helped. But parents who insist on bringing their melty kids out to nice restaurants should at least be prepared to a) discipline and/or shush them when they're getting loud or b) remove them from the dining room until the meltdown has passed. It's the ones who just ignore and/or act like it's not even happening that make me nuts - and that was the case with that family at Stonehenge, for sure!

                                    To be fair, there are plenty of loud/obnoxious adults at restaurants, too. There were a few sitting near us at Adrienne's that ALMOST, but not quite, ruined the experience there. At other establishments, we have encountered elderly people shouting at one another because they've forgotten/don't have/need fresh batteries for hearing aids, as well as just yer typical boorish, inconsiderate loud talkers who have some bizarre need to broadcast every thought that crosses their minds for all to hear!

                                    OK, I'll stop ranting now and we can get back to food talk. I hope you find Adrienne's even more enjoyable than we did (sans the loud talkers at the next table!) I was a little bummed that they didn't have fires in the big fireplaces the night we were there, but I guess it was a bit too warm for that. :-( Two days later and my SO is still talking about how much he loved that meal!

                                    1. re: saturngrrl

                                      Three days now and still raving. If you live in the area, it's a must try!

                              3. re: saturngrrl

                                We've enjoyed the steak/short ribs duo and rack of lamb at Bernard's.

                                1. re: TrishUntrapped

                                  Bernard does a great job. I just had a party of 40 there and I have had Christmas dinner there for the past 3 years (and this year too!!)

                                  Good wine list, fairly priced.

                          2. stamford here

                            same as everyone- tired of burgers pizza in areas not in lower ffld county.

                            this board is not the same since they changed us from tristate to this.

                            no memorable meals to speak of recently, either

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                            1. re: missmar79

                              agree. May also be the economy, with people dining out less, even tho southwest FFD County skews affluent. I understand that traffic on all Chowhound boards is down.

                              1. re: missmar79

                                Ditto for me on "this board is not the same..."

                                The Westchester/Fairfield overlap was perfect for me (esp. now that I've added 1x per wk working in White Plains so need lunch spots).

                                Too busy to bother with what is no longer as relevant and much harder to navigate....too many people posting without listing the town/state, and most postings too far afield for me.

                                Still lurking occasionally....

                                1. re: hungrykids

                                  Agree...the posting without listing the town/state is really rampant on this board...and many times the name of the establishment isn't even in the subject line!

                              2. I agree with others, this board got less interesting when we were moved to Southern New England. It's just not worth the hassle.

                                Has anyone been to Lola's Mexican Kitchen in Stamford? It's not the most authentically Mexican spot in town, but for folks looking for stuff better than Mary Ann's or Riviera Maya I think it's a good option. It's owned by the same group that operates BUtterfield 8, so the vibe is similar.

                                I'm can't wait for Casa Villa to open up in the old Myrna's spot, that'll be a reason to celebrate.

                                Mrs. Z and I are doing the Feast of the Seven Fishes at Tarry Lodge on Christmas Eve. I sorta feel like I'm cheating going to TL and not getting the absolutely amazing guanciale, black truffles, and egg pizza.

                                Casa Villa Restaurant
                                182 W Main St, Stamford, CT 06902

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                                1. re: Zobot

                                  Casa villa is opening up in myrna's spot?

                                  What happened to Myrna's? Dd they just stick with the one location?

                                  See what happens when i move?? I noticed that el Charrito keeps making cryptic Facebook mentions about "working on something exciting"... Hoping for you all there that they are finding a storefront.

                                  To jfood's original post... Hoping the new year brings a flurry of food activity. Mostly i see stuff on the board for hartford. Or cape cod or other places too far to be concerned with.

                                  1. re: adamclyde

                                    Myrna's owners closed the falafel restaurant and are currently working on an upscale French Lebanese Fusion restaurant in Darien called Cafe D'Azur, which I believe is going into the old Cosi spot on the Post Road.

                                    An El Charrito storefront would be an excellent addition to the area. I know that Chris Preovolos at the Advocate has said he's aware of 3 Stamford/Greenwich Mexican restaurant changes on the horizon, and of those I think the Casa Villa move is the only one he's made public so far.

                                    I think Barcelona's new Bar Taco restaurant just opened this week in Port Chester. We'll be checking that out soon and hoping that the Stamford location actually comes to fruition in 2011.

                                    Casa Villa Restaurant
                                    182 W Main St, Stamford, CT 06902

                                    1. re: Zobot

                                      Right on cue, Stamford Patch has a little preview of the Stamford Bar Taco, and says it's opening this summer.


                                      Happy New Year!

                                2. Maybe it's been quiet because of the holidays/folks are out of town? Or maybe there hasn't been much to post about?

                                  Pinkberry opening in Fairfield, Chipotle and b.s.f. #2 opening in Darien.. but where is the really big news? Still waiting to find out if Batali is going to open in Darien.

                                  Personally I was out on the West Coast for a few weeks so was busy checking out the LA and SF boards. Yes, I got to try the Kogi Taco Truck in LA and yes it was very good. I also had fantastic sushi, definitely several levels above what we get in FFD county.