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Dec 14, 2010 10:57 AM

I visited Ania's European Gourmet Deli -- Lk Hiawatha

After reading the thread about really cheap eats I felt compelled to track down one of the Polish delis mentioned. Anias was originally on RT 46 but she moved to this new location about a year ago. She is now at 20 N. Beverwyk Rd in Lk. Hiawatha. There is a small parking lot out front.

The woman behind the counter (I'm assuming she was Ania) was lovely. She asked me if I had tried her food before. When I said no she asked if I liked pickles. I do and then she gave me a taste of pickle soup. Sounds strange, but it was very good -- with a slight taste of pickles. It was creamy and had pieces of potato in it.

I got a dinner of beef stroganoff. It costs $7.99 and came with a nice portion of beef. you also get two sides. I asked for potato pancakes (which are huge -- at least 7 inches across) -- I got two. The other side dish was a cabbage dish. My only complaint was the container she uses. they are the three sectioned styrofoam containers and the sauce spilled in the plastic bag. When I got home I transferred everything to other containers.

I also got 12 house made pierogies (potato and cheese that day) for $6.99. When I went to heat them up last night I realized she gave me extra -- probably because a few stuck together. They were really yummy. She told me that everything is made in house. I will be going back again soon.

My 15 year old and I shared the stroganoff dinner last night (with a couple pierogies thrown in for good measure). My younger daughter had a few pierogies.

there is a website, but she said that they will be updating it because she knows it is outdated (with the old address) and she doesn't have a password to change it. Here it is if you want to check it out anyway:

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  1. Thanks for taking a hit for the team.....its good to hear you enjoyed the food. I wish this business well, but after viewing the site, the one thing that stood out most compared to the prior owner......the cost of her meals. Now I am not ignorant to the fact she has costs and her efforts required, but $7.50 opposed to $6.00 is a substantial difference for a plate in some peoples minds. I hope that doesn't keep people away. I still find $7.50 very reasonable, especially compared to what a comparable dinner would cost across the street at Valentino's. but most Polish Delis charge $5-6 for a dinner plate.

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      I was initially going to say that in this economic climate, restaurants should be charging less, not more, but... after thinking about it a bit, the economic climate is probably driving people to inexpensive places like this, and, when demand goes up, so do the prices. Supermarkets haven't missed the opportunity to take advantage of people's misfortunes, so why shouldn't inexpensive restaurants not get in on the action?

      I have to admit, I'm one of those people for which $6 and $7.50 is a universe apart. One contributing factor is that I'm a hearty eater, so we're most likely talking two plates. I can't spend $12 every day, but if I'm willing to spend $10 on an Indian buffet, I can justify spending $12 on Polish food. But $15... that's too rich for my blood.

      I'll still go, just because the food sounds good, but it'll only be on a special occasion.

      Disneyfreak, thanks for the reconnaissance.

      1. re: scott123

        I didn't think the portions were small by any means. I am a good eater and I was able to split the portion (with 2 added pierogies) and not be hungry.

        That being said I would go to a cheaper place if there was one near me. Lk Hiawatha is only a 15-20 minute drive. Where are the other cheap places? I would love to hear more options.

        1. re: Disneyfreak

          One of my favorite Food Stores in New Jersey is Piast Provisions, located in Garfield on River Road. They have two locations. One location has an adjacent bakery, not the best bakery I've been too, but presumably it's a traditional Polish bakery which is very inexpensive by today's standards. My Polish friends like The Golden Eagle , also in Garfield, on Lanza Avenue.

          Super Deli in Wallington is also a great place.

          800 River Dr, Garfield, NJ 07026

          Golden Eagle
          452 Lanza Ave, Garfield, NJ 07026

          Super Deli
          125 Wallington Ave, Wallington, NJ 07057

          1. re: fourunder

            Thanks fourunder! I just found out that Piast has a location in Maplewood which is close to my office. I can probably go there during lunch or in the morning to pick up food for lunch or dinner. I will have to check it out and report back.

            Piast Meats & Provisions, Inc.
            1899 Springfield Avenue, Maplewood, NJ 07040
            (973) 761-1413 – (973) 340-4803 (Fax) ‎

            1. re: Disneyfreak

              I forgot to report back. I got the Polish Sampler which had: 4 Pierogi, 2 stuffed Cabbage (with a creamy gravy) Sauerkraut & Kielbasa and perhaps some Bigos. It cost $7. The food was good and the place had a good crowd buying Kielbasa and other sausage. Most people were not speaking English so I don't know what they were buying. The store is very small. I haven't had the chance to go back yet, but I will do again.

              1. re: Disneyfreak

                DF & ZM,

                Once in a while I have a good suggestion.....I'm glad you both liked it. Out of curiosity, are the Garfield locations just too far out of the area for you? It probably takes me 25 minutes to get there from my home, so I do not get there as much as I would like, but one location is just minutes off Routes 46 & 80, and the other is only 5-10 minutes further away. In a way, it's convenient for me only when I am traveling.....but I intend to shop there later today or tomorrow for part of my Super Bowl party menu.

                1. re: fourunder

                  Which of the two Garfield locations do you recommend? I would drive to the area to check it out. Not this weekend. My superbowl food contribution is black bean chicken wings which I still have to shop for and make.

                  1. re: fourunder

                    I've only been to the store on the corner of Passaic and River Drive once and it was probably a year ago. I would believe they consider it their flagship store, since it next to their (original?) location. It took over a year to build, and the store is beautiful.....but for me, I shop at their strip mall location as it's closest to me. Their bakery is also inside with take-out coffee and Cappuccino available with nicer baked goods, albeit more expensive . The stores offerings and products are identical from what I could tell, but the floor space is less, and in turn, the display overall is less. There's a second level, but outside of some soft goods, there were not any food products displayed on my visit.

                    The store in the strip mall is larger and probably a third larger. There are also many more young women serving customers for the busy store. Not all speak English, but many do and I never had a problem method is to point. I would say the the prepared foods are the same, as they have a generally set weekly menu....but I would say the butcher and delicatessen sections is definite bigger and much more of each item is displayed......raw meats and smoked.

                    If you are coming off either Routes 46 or 80, just stop at the first store in the strip mall(800?).....but if you are coming from the south off of either Routes 3 or 21, the Passaic Avenue store is closer......The strip mall will have more easy and convenient parking.

                    It's really a pick'em, The quality is exactly the same for the meats and provisions....but if you want to shop for the international products and frozen items....The 800 location is probably best.

                    River Drive Cafe
                    669 River Dr, Elmwood Park, NJ 07407

              2. re: fourunder

                I went to the Piast in Maplewood for the first time after reading this thread. I was surprised at how small it is - like a bodega. But what a find!

                Tried numerous dishes - stuffed cabbage, Columbian-style chicken and sampler platter were all very good, including the side dishes of mashed potatoes, garden salad and hot sauerkraut. The kielbasa was particularly outstanding. The only dish that I would not order again is the roast beef with gravy, slices of eye round that were a bit tough. Not bad but not as good as the other items. Portions are generous.

                The Maplewood location has a smaller menu than the other 2 which is unfortunate since there are many items I'd like to try. Even Maplewood is a bit out of the way for me but I'll definitely return.

                800 River Dr, Garfield, NJ 07026

                1. re: Zestme

                  DF & ZF,

                  I have to say, I have never tried any beef selections on the prepared menu.....always chicken or fact, I have referred Piast to be the *Palace for Pork*, so there in lies my bias.


                  If either of you two ever want to try a nice Polish restaurant after shopping, i.e., if you ever get a chance in Garfield......Try the Royal Warsaw in Elmwood Park on the same route to, or from the stores, and back to the highway. Very Good, very reasonable and you will not be disappointed...


                  Royal Warsaw
                  871 River Dr, Elmwood Park, NJ 07407

                  800 River Dr, Garfield, NJ 07026