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Frisco Texas

Need some help on local places to eat in the area. We are trying to stay in town or closeby as much as possible to reduce the risk of getting in trouble with the local PD for alcohol consumption and driving.

We will be in town on the 6th and 7th of January, (hopefully) to see the University of Delaware win another National Football Championship @ Pizza Hut Park


Barbeque for the Friday night game
Randy Whites (partial to visiting him since he is a DE native)or Dickey's ?

Steakhouse for a Thursday night dinner?

Tex Mex or straight Mexican for Saturday afternoon lunch or dinner?

We will be staying at the Hilton Garden Inn any places within walking distance of the hotel?

Thanks for your help

Pizza Hut Park
6000 Main St, The Colony, TX 75056

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  1. For BBQ go to Rudy's, it's in walking distance of Pizza Hut Park and is 1000x's better than the two you listed.

    Pizza Hut Park
    6000 Main St, The Colony, TX 75056

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      Looks like Blue Goose has opened in the area. Very solid mexican food in a super laid back cool environment, damn good margaritas IMO.


    2. Agree with the Rudy's suggestion. Much better.

      1. I concur about Rudy's BBQ. Much better than the two you'd listed.

        For steak, Randy's is very close, and very good. http://www.randyssteakhouse.com/index...

        you didn't ask about fried chicken, but I recommend Babes http://www.babeschicken.com/Babes-Chi...

        1. it's more southwestern than tex-mex, but Blue Mesa is good, and an easy 5 minute drive south on the tollway from where you're staying.

          1. If a nearby and simple drive is a high priority, Bob's Steak and Chophouse might be your best bet. It's a very easy drive down Parkwood Blvd. Also in the same "Shops at Legacy" area is Mi Cocina for decent TexMex in a fun atmosphere.

            Bob's Steaks
            12675 Josey Ln, Dallas, TX 75234

            1. Ditto Blue Mesa and Rudy's. Please note that Rudy's is a gas station/"Country Store" that sells BBQ. And yes it is much better than Dickeys or Randy Whites.

              I have warmed up to the Blue Goose in Plano, did not know they had one in Frisco. Fairly good Tex-Mex but the one in Plano can get crowded and loud on the weekend. Lots of fun though out on the patio on warm evenings.


              1. La Hacienda Ranch

                What do you guys think opf this place?

                La Hacienda Ranch
                5250 State Highway 121, Colleyville, TX 76034

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                  I like it, used to be a family staple for years so I got burned out on it. It is a true Texas experience so it would probably be cool to see for you.

                2. Congrats on the win to get to the finals, hope you enjoy your stay. Report back on what you thought. Best of luck.

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                    Go to Loft 610. Amazing food but really doesn't fit into the three you listed. Check out the menu.
                    Tre Wilcox is on Top Chef if you are into that show.


                    Loft 610
                    5760 State Highway 121 Ste 175, Plano, TX 75024

                  2. Kenny's Burger Joint for a 1/2 lb burger, a side of sweet potato fries and an adult shake. The burgers are grilled on a flat top - pretty sure. They have a good sear on the outside with a little crispiness around the edges, great flavor throughout.

                    Kenny's Burger Joint
                    1377 Legacy Dr Ste 120, Frisco, TX 75034

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                      Also a Section J Blue Hen fan ..... our foursome is doing
                      http://www.kennysburgerjoint.com/ pre-game and still mulling our post game place. Any input from the locals on http://www.holygrailpub.com/Reviews.aspx? Seeking a good post game eat and drink place.

                      Go Hens!!

                      1. re: jd of de

                        Holy Grail is good call. Good beer selection, great food. They make an interesting version of poutine, using gruyere instead of cheese curds. Everything I've had there has been top notch.