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Dec 14, 2010 09:00 AM

00 Flour in OC

I'm attempting to make pizza at home for the first time this weekend. I have all of the ingredients but can't seem to find 00 flour in the OC. No luck at either Whole Foods at the District or Claro's in Tustin. Anybody know where I can find 00 flour anywhere around Irvine or Brea? Which brands would you suggest? Thanks.

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  1. I found it at Claro's in Tustin about 6 months ago; I guess they no longer have it then. Have you tried the Claro's in La Habra as well?

    Best recommendation is to order 00 flour off Amazon. If you're intent on making it this very weekend, then why not try with AP flour? It certainly works perfectly well and you can always get the 00 delivered for next time...

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      I found 00 flour at Cortina's Italian Market in Anaheim. It was my first time to the market and they have a good selection of products including a great deli counter, DOP San Marzano tomatoes from a few different brands, pasta, fresh made cheese, etc...

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        Ooo they have it at Cortina's? I've been meaning to go there anyway; now I have one more reason. Thank you!

    2. Well, you already found your 00 flour, but check this link anyway:

      "I can make a nearly identical pie with any [flour] except for the Italian 00 flour. It's mostly technique. I'm not saying that the type of flour makes no difference, but I am saying that it's a small difference and I've had great pies from restaurants with varying types of flour. Don't get too hung up on it. One is not 'better' than the other, it depends on the style you want. Currently I use a 50/50 blend of Caputo and KA Bread. Caputo gives bigger bubbles and a lighter spring. But I prefer to mix it with Bread flour to give it more strength. In Naples, the dough is very soft and hard to hold and often eaten with a knife and fork. NY street pizza is easily folded and held. They typically use a strong Hi Gluten Flour. My pies are closer to the Neapolitan, but not quite. You can still hold it, but sometimes it flops a bit at the tip.

      "The 00 has a finer mill and also it will absorb much less water than the other flours. The 00 flour really is quite different than the others. >>>If you are baking at under 750F, you should really not use 00.<<< It will never brown and you'll have much more luck with another flour."

      1. Just saw 00 flour at Tustin Claros Wednesday night.

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          Well then it really seems to come and go. I'm at Claro's often for sausage and cheese, so I'll just check each time I go.

          Still, if all else fails, you can get it at Cortina's, which I did on Saturday. And I disagree with Joe Blowe. It made the best pizza I have ever had and I made no adjustments to my usual recipe/method other than the 00 flour. As far as I'm concerned, it's the last perfect piece of the home pizza puzzle.

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            The Chowhound Team spit a general discussion of the merits of 00 flour to the Home Cooking board. That tangent is now here:


            Please keep this thread focused on where to find 00 flour in the L.A. region, thanks.

        2. keep in mind when buying OO flour that the OO refers to the fineness of the grind of the flour only not the strength. So if you are not careful you could be getting a low protein flour rather than the high protein flour you want.