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Dec 14, 2010 09:00 AM

Need suggestion in Ambler/Montgomeryville area

We will be having dinner with friends who live in a retirement community very close to the William Penn Inn on Route 202. We have been to the Inn many times, and would like to try something different.

Can someone recommend a place within a ten-minute drive from there? Italian would be good. Nothing too exotic.

We have gone to Fusion a few times, but again, would like to try something different.
Also, it will be on Sunday, and not everyplace is open.

Hope you can help! Thanks.

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  1. Normandy Farm comes to mind. I've only eaten there as part of a large group for business meetings, and they do THAT well so I would be willing to try the restaurant.

    1. Bocelli's in the Gwynned train station is nearby, they serve good italian, good pasta. BYO. Not sure if they are open Sunday but you can check. I am a big fan of From the Boot in Ambler, great casual italian, they just got their liquor license. I am pretty sure they are open for Sundaty dinner. Other nice non-italian options would include Trax, Dettera, or Bridget's in Ambler, I have not been to the Broad Axe (mixed reviews) but it is a beautiful building and also nearby. I have also heard good things about Radice which is right on 202, very close by as well.

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        One more thought - its probably a 15 minute drive instead of a 10 minute drive but Arpeggio in Springhouse is fabulois, BYO mediterranean.

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          ditto to everything AmblerGirl said. Bocelli is my fave, however. A lot of people like Mina Cucina (Bethlehem Pike, near the now-defunct Drafting Room) as well.

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            We have a reservation for Bocelli - now we're hoping we don't get snowed out!

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              But it's so pretty there when it snows -- the twinkle lights on the trees outside, the warmth on the inside..... I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

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                Enjoy! Doesn't look like snow in the forecast for Sunday. I am crossing my fingers along with PC.

        2. Another option for Italian is Bacco. Just north of the Wm Penn Inn on 202. They have a brick oven pizza kitchen on one side, and full sit down menu in the main dining room. Both are great, servings are generous. The menu includes both the staples like spaghetti & meatballs, and more creative dishes in the veal and seafood categories. Excellent salads & wine as well.

          1. I second the Bocelli's recommendation. Always good food. It is a BYOB but they are open on Sundays. I suggest making a reservation - SOON - as they are not a big place and can get busy. (215-646-9912)

            1. I agree with the Bocelli Rec. Great food.