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Dec 14, 2010 08:36 AM

places worth stopping between DC and Chilhowie

we are taking a roadtrip down the Chilhowie to go to Town House for our anniversary...and yes it is a 6 hour drive. any places between dc and the southern va that would be worth a stop on the way, or on the way back?

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  1. Hi Neighbor in old town Strasburg takes you back a few decades with some good home cooking in what feels like a home (the back room at least - the front feels like an old bar/diner).

    If I were doing that short of a trip, I'd stop in Crozet for some pizza. - when I go down 81, it's usually to get to the SW tip of NC in one day with kids in tow, so I don't deviate much.

    You might want to search the south board for Roanoke ideas. In Salem/Roanoke for coffee go to Mill Mountain.

    Nothing crazy out of this world, but El Rodeo in Roanoke is a very decent Mexican place. They have good Chili dishes.It's at exit 137, East of 81, on the North side of the road.

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      In Roanoke the best food by far is at Alexanders. Great, great place -- Modern American type food with some Cajun influences.

    2. Don't know the route you will be taking, but... if you pass by Staunton, the Staunton Grocery in downtown is really good. Most things are locally sourced. Definitely worth a stop.

      In Roanoke, although these recs are about two years old, if you pass through there 202 Market was a lot of fun. I loved the cocktails and everything I ate. I also had a good meal at Metro. There was also a wine bar on the corner where the market is normally set up that had good food.

      1. I am fascinated by this post. Town House is rarely mentioned in these parts. JP: 1) What has motivated you to drive 6 hours to nowhere, 2) Where are you spending the night?

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          I'm not the original poster, but I was motivated to try the Town House by glowing reviews on this board. I happened to be driving from Georgia to Pennsylvania, so could make the excuse to try it, and would would love to go again, even though it's a 6 1/2 hour drive from my home. Here's my review from May 2009:

          It is nowhere, but the Town House now has a small inn with two guest rooms. I was there before the inn opened, so I stayed in Marion, VA, at the General Francis Marion hotel.

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            Well, color me interested. We do that route with some regularity but our issue would be where to stow the kids.

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            i am late to responding, but the story is too good. we went in december about the time i posted and i really wanted to try town house and it was the one weekend it worked for all schedules. I was 9 months pregnant and it was a bad snow storm and i still made my husband go...while we made it safely, we shouldn't have made the trip that weekend. There were multiple trucks jack knifed on 81 and it took us 6 hours. But hey kept the place open just for us because they knew we were coming from DC. we stayed at their little 4 bedroom guest house about 10 minutes from the restaurant which was absolutely so quaint and really thoughtfully appointed. it was an extraordinary meal. and while the time timing was crazy i am glad that we got to try it before they closed.