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Dec 14, 2010 07:00 AM

DTW: Gaucho Steakhouse Northville...anyone been there?

I am going there today for a holiday luncheon. What to order?

Gaucho Steakhouse
39550 7 Mile Rd, Northville, MI 48167

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  1. I have not, but my brother really enjoys it. Stick with the better cuts of meat, obviously, and don't fill up on the salad bar, with the exception of a few of the things they do really well. Let us know how it was!

    1. Ha! You don't get to order there. They bring EVERY meat to your table, and multiple times. It is a pig-out of the highest order. As Boagman says, don't fill up in advance on the salad bar (unless you care about your health or something).
      Oh, the pain..... I'd have cried right there, but I didn't want to lose face in front of all the sexy Brazilian expats which frequent the place.

      1. Well, momskitchen, you barely gave us 30minutes to spot and reply to your question. Your daughter probably has you fixed up with one of those i-Phones so maybe you saw our responses just in time....not that they would have greatly helped you. Regardless, how was your holiday luncheon???!! Do you hate yourself for what you did there?

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          I tried to behave myself, given the fact that I was dining with Brazilians who wanted me to try everything, that made it difficult. I did fill up on the salad bar, which is a good thing so that I totally didn't gorge myself on the meat. I tried all the beef, and then I skipped dessert for more beef. It was great! I'd go back there again - and at lunchtime, it costs less than half of what it cost at dinner. It was fun!

        2. Very good version of the Brazilian Steakhouse. Slow and leisurely is the way to go. Take some salad to eat on the side then flip your marker over and get a few samples of the cuts of meat. Picanha (rump roast), Fraldinha (bottom sirloin) & Cordiero (leg of lamb) were my favorite cuts. The tabbouleh salad and sweet/hot pickled cherry tomatoes were great sides as are the deep fried bananas. Skip the potatoes & black beans. They're just filler. Also try the Brazilian soda. It's tasty and great at aiding digestion. Enjoy.

          Gaucho Steakhouse
          39550 7 Mile Rd, Northville, MI 48167