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Dec 14, 2010 06:40 AM

Wanted: Candida Diet Recipe ideas

There are a few other discussions threads pertaining to this but I wanted to start a new one to see if anyone has any new thoughts or recipes. I am trying to rid my body of and a candida overgrowth which is a very strict diet - No dairy, gluten, or sugar which also means no starches (potatoes, carrots and other starchy/sugary veggies) and very few grains (quinoa and millet are okay, rice and oats are not). Ready made Gluten free products are for the most part off limits because they are mostly made with rice and sugar. I have found pasta made from Quinoa (my new best friend) and have so far been eating a lot of salad and meat. Any ideas especially for desserts (stevia and xylitol are okay, other sweeteners are not) would be appreciated. Thanks!!!!

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