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Dec 14, 2010 06:38 AM

Good Caterer in Westchester County

Hi - need a caterer asap for a dinner party. Lower Westchester. Any suggestions? thanks

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    1. Silver Spoon Caterers did an excellent job with a party I hosted. The food was delightful and the people easy to work with.

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        Somehow I don't think Putnam County counts as "Lower Westchester".

        It would help if the OP gave us some idea of budget, number of people, time of day, place of service....

      2. I used the Rye Country Store and they were easy to work with and the food was good. I've also been to many dinners done by Park Deli in Port Chester, there is a catering dept in the back and I believe I heard the head guy went to the CIA. The food is always good. Both of those choices are in lower Westchester

        Longo's Park Deli
        203 S Regent St, Port Chester, NY 10573

        1. Cara Tannenbaum- former owner of Quarropas Restaurant and gourmet shop Teaches at French Culinary Inst. for many many years. 9149609258. Her food, service, and presentation of food is amazing! Please tell her I rec. you from my 10th anniversary party and Rebekah's Bat Mitz.
          Have used her many many times for large and small events- great staff too!

          1. So who did you use? I second Abigail Kirsch & Rye Country Store depending on what the budget and occasion is...also went recently to a party catered by Caperberry out of White Plains and it was superb just to add another company.

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              I just used Caperberry to cater a party at my house. They did a wonderful job - everyone raved about the food. Really easy to work with.