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Dec 14, 2010 06:21 AM

Grillestone Scotch Plains

New place on Rt 22 on site of chain restaurant that closed years ago. Anyone tried it?

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  1. Hopefully going on Friday night! the local online paper basically states what i have heard from a few friends who went. It is expected when a new place opens so i'll take my chances...

    1. Been there 3 times....nice ambiance....jury still out on the food tho',.....right now, more misses than hits, but give it a chance, just opened

      1. Ambience is great, bright and airy, very comfortable chairs, and can hear yourselves talk. Looks like a great happy hour place with a large bar, several large tv's and drink specials. Service was very good. Now the food.....farily large portions on sandwiches and average price. Quality and taste and only fair. Seems like quality ingredients but too much going on. Sandwich bread was stale, pesto type oil served with dinner rolls is tasteless. Reuben was only fair. Creme bruhlee was fair. I would try again only because of atmosphere and service but don't have high hopes.

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          Before Lone Star it was East WInds (Chinese restaurant) for many years. Man, that place brings back memories (I grew up in Berkeley Heights).

        2. Currently during "happy hour" they have 16 oz beers for $2.50......where can you find a deal like that anywhere ??..........but their food is still uneven