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Dec 14, 2010 05:44 AM

Fire at the Nook: "It's Totaled"

I think this is the most gawdawful restaurant news you could ever give me. Even if it rebuilds/is repaired, it will never be the same. Devastating.

According to Twitter, Kopplin's was unaffected.

Edit to note: I am just going off of the Strib story re: "It's Totaled" That was a quote from one of the owners. I haven't seen photos...hoping it's not really totaled.

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  1. That's really sad. Heard about it on NPR this morning. Sounds like the fire crews have had a really hard time fighting multiple fires after this snowstorm, and that's led to more damage than otherwise would be. Very sad.

      1. Although BDP is my favorite lucy joint, I had my first JL (Paul Molitor) at The Nook in 2003. Bummer for sure but thankfully they have Shamrocks on W. 7th during the rebuild.

        1. I saw a report on WCCO-TV this morning. They said it sounded like it was just a kitchen fire and it wasn't too serious...let's hope so.

          1. Oh no! I'm glad no one was hurt. I really hope they can re-open again soon. Those guys put their hearts into that place.