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Dec 14, 2010 04:55 AM

Too late for game? Returning to Paris 23 Jan to 5 Feb

My wife and I will be returning to Paris the end of Jan. for a couple of weeks. Will we be to late to have any game that is in season? If not where would you recommend? We have been to La Biche au Bois in the fall but never this early in the year. Thanks in advance.

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  1. You may be lucky, the seasons for game vary across France as they are controlled by the regional governments. Many will end by late January but some will carry over until the end of Feb. It obviously depends on what you want to eat, as the season for small game (birds etc) is shorter, whilst large game like deer is longer. Obviously some is also frozen so could still be available out of season.

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      what lovely news! We will be in Paris from mid to end of February and it would be nice to have some game while we are there.
      Do you know the season for wild boar? Or do you know where I could find the information? I will have access to a kitchen and cooking some would be fun.

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        Wild Boar - should be available, it is prime season in some regions until April and in others it can be hunted all year. I understand the wild population is growing so fast it is becoming a problem - thus liberal hunting laws.

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          Well I am more than happy to do my part to reduce the surplus population!

          Thank you1

    2. Petite Marguery in the 14me is noted for game.

      1. I've gotten biche at BauB very late and all sorts of stuff at Petit M as stated above. Also while under-reviewed, the bistrot Volnay.has much game now and maybe onwards.