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Dec 14, 2010 03:51 AM

ISO: Yorkshire Pudding pan

Hope you can help - I am looking for a type of yorkshire pudding pan, it almost looks more like a muffin top pan however it has metal bars holding the rounds together, as opposed to a full metal pan...not sure if I am describing it clearly.

We recently had yorkshires made in such a pan and they cooked up huge and hollow, almost like a bowl that you could then fill with your roast, veggies, gravy etc.

I have been able to find the really deep popover pans but not these flat ones.....any ideas? Preferably in downtown Toronto or online, but will certainly travel if needed


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  1. I've seen these at Ashton Greene and other specialty stores. I know they have them in Ottawa at the kitchen supply place in the market. The other place they are EASY to get is in Scotland, I see them all over Edinburgh, perhaps you could mail order from one of the many, many supply places there?

    1. Unfortunately I don't know where to find them here but I believe this is what you're looking for and, this source does appear to ship to Canada:

      1. I've seen them at restaurant supply stores ... don't know if you have any where you live ...

        1. Got mine at a Loblaws Superstore for about $10. It's the six-pac size. Is this what you're after?

          If so, they work nicely. Way cheaper than WS where they're about 3x the price for the same pan.

          1. Yorkshire pudding is traditionally made in the beef drippings (juices and fat) left from a roast, right in the same pan. It won't be Yorkshire pudding without the meat juices and rendered fat, you'll have a popover instead.

            If you are making a batch of YP after the main meal is finished, but you have some reserved drippings, just use any baking dish of appropriate size. I'Ve even used a cast iron skillet. You need the pan to withstand high heat. YP is just an (eggy flour-based batter) popover cooked in juices. For individual serving sizes, just use small pans or high-heat tolerrant (stoneware or porcelain) ramekins.