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Dec 14, 2010 01:21 AM

Reasonable chicken?

ok, l'ami Louis is hideously overpriced. Can the board suggest a few reasonably priced establishments that serve traditional French roast chicken (and satisfactory pomme frites)? Thanks!

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  1. If you have a kitchen, or a hotel which will let you use their dining room when not serving breakfast, why not go to almost any good butcher with a rotisserie out front. Get a hot poulet fermier (sold by the kg, not the smaller price leader sold by the piece) and the potatoes that roast at the bottom in the drippings. The chicken will be delicious and the potatoes much better than pommes frites.

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      You are so right. Locals do not order Poulet Roti in a restaurant, not when the street competition is so good. But if you must, arrive at Chez Flottes or Balzar at twelve noon, no later; there is a chance the Poulet Roti will be moist and flavorful.

      1. re: RandyB

        I start drooling immediately when I think about those potatoes. They're awesome.

      2. Not one, if you ask me.