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Searching for a restaurant open Christmas Day!

Hey guys! Long story, but I'll be staying in town (the plymouth meeting/conshy area) by myself for the holiday. Haven't decided whether I'd like to take the time to cook a meal for myself, or go out somewhere. Looking for some recs from my trusted peers!

I'm obviously not too picky, as I know the vast majority of places aren't open. Also, as I don't celebrate the holiday itself really, I don't need any sort of festive place or even a really nice place! Just something within 20ish minutes that won't empty my wallet. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Almost any place in Chinatown is open.

    1. I'm pretty sure East Cuisine in Broadaxe is open, at the intersection of 73 and butler pike. Our favorite over there lately is the thai sweet chili chicken. YUM!

      if you're looking for diner food i'm certain Andy's Diner will be open in Conshy, at least for a while. they're doing the 24/7 thing.

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        oh, thanks for the idea of Andy's! I actually haven't been yet, so maybe this is the time to go.

        1. re: wisey22

          we go there pretty regularly. I love their soups! :)

          enjoy whatever you decide to do!

      2. As Elena Kagan said during her Supreme Court Justice confirmation hearings when she was asked if she remembered where she was on Christmas Day, "You know, like all Jews, I was probably in a Chinese restaurant". If you like Chinese, you should be set!

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          haha, I do love Chinese food, and that is also what I usually do on Christmas. thanks for the reply!

        2. East Cuisine (at the intersection of Butler Pike and Rte. 73) is definitely open. Lai Lai Garden on Rte.202 in the Blue Bell area is also open. However, for a more traditional, non-Asian, meal the only ones serving on Christmas Day are associated with hotels in Center City. Oh, you might try Legal Seafood in King of Prussia. I heard that they are open.

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            Thank you so much for the ideas! I've been in this area for years, but I still have yet to scratch the surface of the restaurants, as I haven't heard of really any of these mentioned in this post. Of the two Asian restaurants, have you been to both? Do you prefer one over the other?

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              Dh and I have been to both and prefer East over Lai Lai, both in price point and flavor. I also really love the variety of East's menu, but admit that it's been a while since I even looked at LL's. East offers sushi, chinese-style dishes and thai style dishes. DH is addicted to their Thai sweet chili chicken. YUM!

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                To find out what's open on Christmas Day (not very small or most Chinese restaurants) go to Open Table.com, put in the date and time and see what comes up. That's what I do sometimes for Sundays and Mondays and what I will do for Christmas if we don't want to eat in a Chinese restaurant.

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                  Thanks for the idea! I actually tried doing that a few days after my original post.. I was unfamiliar with most of the restaurants though, so I really appreciate the personal recs I'm getting here. As much as I love food and going out, I work in a restaurant and don't have the time or budget to try as many new places as I'd like!

          2. You also may want to try Hymies or Murray's right off of City Line, they are 2 Jewish deli's. Not sure if they are open or not.

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              What a great idea, to try Jewish restaurants in the area. I'm pretty particular with my jewish delis, not used to what I could get at home vs. the paltry selection here, you know what I mean? I have never been to Hymies or Murray's though, so I'll call and see if they're open on Christmas! Thanks.

              1. re: wisey22

                You could also check Pumpernicks in Montgomeryville, if you are looking for a Jewish deli. :)

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                  At least at Pumpernicks you will get a good meal. We went to Murrays ONCE. it made me wish we had gone to Mickey D;s.:(

            2. Here's another Asian to add to the list of open on Xmas eve and Xmas day. It's Umami Umami in Dresher. Haven't been there yet, but it's new and looks beautiful inside. They have a liquor license too. I'm planning on trying it this weekend.

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                umami umami is very good. we go frequently, as we live close by. good, fresh sushi, awesome bi bim bop. Family owned, very nice. Didn't realize they'd be open on Christmas- might be seeing you there!

              2. If you're not in the mood for Asian or deli, another option is Legal Sea Foods at King of Prussia.

                (Yeah, yeah, a chain, I know.... Sorry, I go back to the original Cambridge location in the 70's!)

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                  haha oh don't worry about recommending chains to me! I am certainly not above them.. especially as I work at a different chain in the mall! I am actually seriously considering Legal, I've never been there before.

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                    FWIW, I spend my holidays in the Boston area (where I grew up), and a meal at Legal has become a Christmas tradition for my brother and me.

                2. I am having 3 people from out of town over Christmas. We will be 25 people for the Feast of the 7 fishes on Tuesday night, I am not cooking on Christmas day!!!!

                  I just called Andy's diner. They never close. Will be open all day on Christmas. That is where we are going.

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                    Just out of curiosity, I checked OpenTable, and 75/764 restaurants in the Philly/NJ suburbs are open.

                    A few well-known names, but I'd pick Citron & Rose in Bala-Cynwyd. I haven't been since the Chef left, but the week he left we had an amazing meal there (including the killer Ribeye for 2).