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Dec 13, 2010 10:31 PM

Christmas gift ideas for Naples resident?

Hey chowhounds,

My dad and his girlfriend live in Naples and I'm kinda stuck for a christmas gift to get them. I'm not wealthy so I've gotta keep it less than $100. I know they like wine and italian food, but I'm not familiar with the area and I don't know wine.

I was thinking maybe a gift basket of some kind with wine and cheese, or a gift card to a particularly nice italian restaurant. Maybe something with a view of the ocean? Or maybe there's some kind of inexpensive evening cruise with dinner I could send them on? I know in NH, where I live, you can get a nice dinner on a train in the mountains for like $50 a person. So maybe there's something like that on a boat down there.

Any ideas?

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  1. Norman Love has a beautiful array of truffles and other creations. He has a national reputation. If your dad is a true chocoholic, get him their black series. The truffles are the equivalent of single vineyard wines and are pricey but worth every penny(or should I say dollar). You can purchase online or if you will be in town, they have a retail outlet.

      1. re: Ratatouille

        their is a cruise ship called the naples princess that does dinner and appetizer cruises...
        a nice place on the beach would be the turtle club
        nice italian places are pazzo ,arturos(which is on marco island)

        1. re: srsone

          Thanks. I ended up purchasing a 2.5 hr sunset cruise on a sailboat for them which ends in a champagne toast. The alternative was this nice new italian place in the area, but the cruise was only $25 more than what I would have had to pay for them both to have had a good dinner at that place. Ended up being $55 a person + tax. Didn't include dinner, but the boat only holds six people and will be quiet because it's a sailboat. I figure that makes up for it.

            1. re: Ratatouille

              And something they would not likely have done on their own, good choice.
              Naples is tough territory viewed through a New Hampshire prism.

        2. interestingly, i live in Naples but have only taken the boat ride in NH , Portsmouth is where we got on. the friend i was visiting lives in Hampton...