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Dec 13, 2010 08:47 PM

McBees BBQ .... New Braunfels location

OK well..... i finally polished off my last BBQ haul from Lockhart.
so.... it was time to try something else i hadnt had before.

i kept driving by McBees BBQ and finally today i decided to stop in.
the parking is a little tight but it works if you go early or later after lunch i think.

when i walked in..... they had the brisket under some warming lamps..... i almost walked out.... but decided to stay and just get a half pound and some sausage to take home.

i ordered the brisket fatty.... as usual and i got a small piece of sausage as well.
they gave me bread and some sauce too

i wasnt expecting much when i got home but i have to tell ya..... the brisket was tender and smokey and well marbled. i was really shocked it was so good
they really nailed it.

i didnt care too much for the sausage..... it was nothing special..... but i will DEFINITELY be back for the brisket again.
i was melt in your mouth wonderful.

well..... that said...... good brisket is crap shoot. you never know if you are gonna hit them on an off day or not..... but today ! it was WONDERFUL !

so.... i add McBees to my list of regular stops.
if anyone has tried them..... i'd like to hear what you think since my experience was really good.

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  1. Driven by it many times over the years,never tried it.I will now, since someone posted a review.I want to try Home of Da Smoke near Adkins,Tx out on US Hwy 87 as you go to La Vernia.

    1. Every now and then I work at the Albertsons right behind the BBQ place and I always get a chopped sandwich. I have allways thought it pretty decent, but then again, I am easy.