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Dec 13, 2010 07:40 PM

Blvd 16 in Hotel Palomar (Westwood)?

Anyone eaten there? Is it a reasonable place to eat with a colleague who is staying there and will be jetlagged, or is there somewhere else that is quiet and simple nearby? Normally I wouldn't allow someone to visit LA and not have dinner in a spectacular restaurant, but given holiday traffic and a general lack of energy, I will take the easy way out if it isn't going to be just awful.

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  1. Definitely not awful , and the service has been getting better, usually pretty quiet at dinner time which sounds like what you might be looking for. .

    1. Easily reasonable.

      It's kind of dead - and a great place to eat if you want to be under the radar.

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        Haven't been there in some months, but I agree the the two above.

      2. These recommendations were spot on. The food was very good, they had a nice selection of mixed drinks, and the service was lovely. In fact, I would say that this is a restaurant with a reputational problem; it deserves not to be so empty. I had a tuna/crab roll, potato/fennel soup, mussels in a curried sauce with frites, striped bass and peppermint crunch gelato. All were really very good. The waitress was very patient with us, but didn't forget us, even though we ordered one course at a time.

        I work in Westwood, and will certainly think of Blvd 16 again when I have to have client dinners in the area. (At least with those clients who don't need a "show" but would prefer to be able to have a non-shouting conversation.)

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          Peppermint Crunch Gelato, yum. Thanks for reporting back.

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            A good place to take a date where you don't want to be seen. Like a stripper, or if you're have an illicit affair. But coffeebrownies is right - it deserves better.