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Need a rec for a takeout restaurant near the Green Mill, Uptown

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Ok, hounds....driving up this Friday from St. Louis area for a performance at the Green Mill. Gf and I likely won't have time to stop for dinner, concert starts at 9 and I expect long lines for this one. I am thinking about getting some food to go and eating in line. There used to be a Mexican place next door, not sure if the food is any good. Any other nearby recs...don't want to leave her alone in line for long, or maybe we'll get the food first. I am expecting to get out at midnight or later, and we are staying near Oakbrook, and I am guessing neither one of us will want to do much other than get to the hotel. Recs anyone? Thanks in advance! I am originally from the Chicago area, if that makes any difference.

The Green Mill
4802 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640

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  1. Some of the best banh mi sandwiches around (and a few other things, as well) are available for takeout just a couple of blocks north of the GM at Ba Le French Bakery at 5016 N Broadway.

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      There's a pretty good Mexican place on Montrose called Mr. Salsa that you might want to try. Or Agami on Broadway for some Sushi/Japanese food. They've got an awesome filet mignon spring roll!

    2. Mexican place still there, nothing to write home about but not bad at all.

      1. I suggest Dib, which is a Japanese restaurant with terrific rolls and some Japanese-Thai fusion dishes (like chicken katsu on noodles with green curry). BYO, and parking in the little strip mall. Small, cute, relatively inexpensive.

        Just a few blocks from Green Mill. BTW, Mexican resto nearby is mediocre at best.

        1025 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago IL 60640
        41.969332 -87.656255
        (At N Kenmore Ave)

        The Green Mill
        4802 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640

        1. I had some of the best Indian food I've had in Chicago at this place about four storefronts North of the Green Mill- same side of the street. I in addition to other well spiced, non-greasy standards we tried a vegetarian platter. It featured grilled corn on the cob cut into 1" rounds- wow were they fantastic. It could have been a seasonal dish since I was there in the summer.

          Marigold Indian Restaurant
          4832 North Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640

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            Thanks very much for the recommendations!

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              I concur, Marigold is very good. On the pricey side but fairly priced for the quality and experience. On a more casual note, Fat Cat, 4840 n b'way, right up the street has unusually good "bar" food. Creative, fast, reasonable.

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                Ended up at Fat Cat, good food, nice vibe, though I had to eat it standing in the Green Mill..

                The Green Mill
                4802 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640