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Dec 13, 2010 07:15 PM

Bresaola in Seattle?

I want to get a food gift for a dear friend. She's Italian and moved here from Brooklyn about 8 years ago. I know she loves Bresaola, so I'm wondering where I could get a nice one packaged up all pretty? I'd also like to get something for her cheese-loving hubby. Any brilliant ideas out there?

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. I would try De Laurenti's or Big john's PFI.

    1. It's not quite Seattle, but I have purchased bresaola at Central Market in Shoreline. Conveniently, they also have a great cheese counter.

      1. though bresaola/braciole/brazule is usually made from a beef flank, there is an excellent product made from pork loin filled with spinach, provolone and seasoned bread dressing available every day at don and joe's butcher shop in the pike place market - which, indeed, would also place you near excellent cheesemongers

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            that would be at Rain Shadow Meats in Melrose Mkt ..I’d call Russ first to double check

          2. Thanks for all the suggestions.

            I love Braciole, but what I'm looking for is Bresaola, an air-cured beef product. Looks like this:


            I was considering DeLaurenti's, but wondered if they have gift basket options? I suppose I could get crafty and put one together myself, but I was hoping for something that looked like it was done by a professional. I also checked out Murray's Cheese online store. But it seems like too much of the cost would go to shipping, which I would rather spend on more meat. I've never been to Big John's but will definitely check it out now. Thank you!

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              Call DeLaurenti - they are usually pretty good about creating platters and such when I have asked them to. Don't bother with Big John's - they don't cut things to order for their meats, so unless you want to give it in a big block (and I am not sure they carry Bresaola anyway) you will have to cut it yourself. Check out Ballard Market - they have been carrying it lately also and have a nice cheese selection, so they could probably put something together for you also. Their prices tend to be better than DeLaurent, at least on the meats.