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Dec 13, 2010 07:02 PM

Nicolas Le Bec or Mere Brazier (And other Lyon questions)

Looking to do a lunch at one of these two star restaurants....which one?

How dressy should we be for lunch at either of these two?

Also lunch or dinner at Leon de Lyon??

We will be in Lyon on the 23rd and Christmas Eve....any special food market advice would be appreciated as well or any good street we are trying mix fine dining with getting a taste of street food. Is Les Halles out in Part Dieu worth venturing out to (we are staying on the pennisula and will be in Old Lyon a lot I would assume).

One more for you...eating at a Bouchon seems to be part of the Lyon experience...which one...neither of us love offal...

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  1. Don't miss Les Halles. (and while there, don't miss the cheeses of Renee Richard).Part-Dieu is a short cab ride from Centre Ville. Better food in general on the "other side" of the Rhone than in the Old Town. OT gets away with being "touristy."

    Either lunch or dinner at Brasserie Leon de Lyon. It's more casual than LeBec or Mere Brazier. LeBec is more modern, Mere Brazier is more traditional. Take your pick.

    Have never eaten at a bouchon in 7 visits to Lyon, so have none to recommend. I do love La Voute (Chez Lea) -- which is a bistro.

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      Thank You!

      Should we just plan a lunch or dinner around Les Halles just snacking on items? It sounds like a huge indoor market that specializes in just about everything.

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        My experience with the food at Les Halles, is that it's better to shop and bring the cheese and foie gras, etc. (Dubernet is the BEST foie gras in France) back to your hotel room for a picnic. I've never been wowed by the food stands and restaurants in the market.

        However, when you are at Les Halles, you are not too far from Bernachon, arguably the premier chocolatier in France. They have a "tea room" where you could get a lovely lunch and have time to shop for chocolates and have one of their sensational desserts.